How to Make Use of Your Travel Photos and Remember Your Trip Forever

Travelling can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately all good vacations must come to an end at some point.  Once you’ve arrived back home, one of the first things you will probably do is take a last look at your travel photos and reminisce about the trip you have undertaken.  However, instead of just placing them on your hard drive to be looked at maybe once or twice a year, why not do something special with your photos so that you can be constantly reminded of your amazing experience?  Keep reading for a few tips on how to do just that.

Facebook and Flickr

Most people don’t want to be bombarded with hundreds of physical photos to look through.  A better idea is to use a social networking site like Facebook, or a photo sharing site like Flickr.  Facebook offers a much less intrusive way to share your photos, and enables your friends to look through them, comment, or like them, at a time that suits them.  In fact, Facebook has been so successful in this regard that it is believed over 140 billion photos are currently stored on the site.  On Flickr, you can share your photos with other interested travelers, and can even elect to share them with a Creative Commons License so that people may use your photos online as long as they credit you as the photographer.  Check out the Aubrey Chernick Photo Album for an idea of how Flickr works.

Create a Photobook

Whilst most people do prefer to look at travel photos online, others may prefer to see real life prints.  A photobook can be the ideal solution, and not only can it be gifted to those you are close to, such as your parents, you can also create one for yourself as a reminder.  There are computer software programs that can be used to design and create a photobook, but if you want to create something really original, you might just want to get hold of a scrapbook, and create your own photobook.  It might take a while to make, but it is always more than worth it at the end.

Posters and Postcards

Finally, you may also want to consider having some of your photos turned into posters and/or postcards.  Black and white shots often look magnificent when blown up, although it’s best to use landscape photos you have taken, rather than pictures of people.  Postcards on the other hand can either contain humorous photos of you on your trip, or photos which sum up your vacation.  You may even want to use landscape photos here too – but full color is best.  Just think how happy your granny will be when she gets a personalized postcard sent to her all the way from Mozambique!

Traveling can be such an amazing experience that it is a shame to place your photos on your hard drive when you return home, and not do anything else with them.  Keep the above tips in mind, and you will be reminded of your trip every single day.

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