You Can Make a Difference

In countries around the world, children and adults are without clean water or basic education. As Ehsan Bayat has shown through the Bayat Foundation, the lives of these less fortunate people can be greatly improved when people get involved.

How to Get Involved?

Volunteerism is one way to become involved in helping others. There are volunteer opportunities for people from every walk of life.

Doctors, nurses and other health care providers can volunteer in medical facilities to help reduce the infant mortality rate, give much needed vaccinations and treat serious but curable diseases that can be life-threatening. One of the most urgent areas where help is needed is maternity hospitals where women can get pre-natal care and care for their infants.

Teaching is another area where people can really make a different especially in the lives of children. Many children don’t have access to formal education, but are thirsty to learn, and make good students when they have a dedicated teacher. Education not only helps the individual, it also helps their families and eventually the whole community. If a country is to have good leaders, its children need to be educated.

Donor Support

Many projects throughout the developing world require funds, and donors are welcome to give whatever they can. One of the primary projects in places like Afghanistan is clean drinking water and proper sanitation. When communities have enough water, they can grow crops and flowers as well as maintain cleanliness and good health.

Donations are also welcomed by organizations that help communities and families get medicines, emergency food relief, clothing and money to send their children to school.

Special programs such as providing customized hearing aids to children and adults who had given up hope of ever hearing, welcome donations. It is this type of giving that has a huge impact when a person hears for the first time.

Orphanages are another place where help is welcome. Dedicated people are working hard to help orphaned children grow with love and education. Donations can make this task much easier and help give more children a fighting chance to be successful in life.

How to Raise Funds

There are many people who would like to help but either don’t have the time or expertise to volunteer or the money to donate. These people can make a big difference if they fundraise for projects. Some of the proven ways to raise money for worthy causes are:

• Set up a workplace matching scheme in your place of employment. Many companies already offer a matching scheme where they give the same amount that an employee gives to the employee’s favorite charity.

• Individuals can also canvas their friends, club members or church groups for funds. Donors usually get a tax break. You can create a fundraising letter that explains the particular project such as wells for towns or food programs and request a certain amount.

• Some charitable organizations will do your fundraising for you if you give them the name and contact information of someone who is interested in giving.

Helping others is one way for you to gain self-respect while making a difference in the life of a child or adult who needs food, education, clean water or other basic life-necessity. It’s worth taking a minute to find a way to change good intentions to action.

You Can Make a Difference 2
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