Tips You Can Do Every Morning to Improve Your Day

Let’s face it, most of us are not morning people. Heck, some of us aren’t afternoon or evening people either! The simple fact is that a lot of people struggle to get their day going, especially without coffee. Well, if you are one of those people who struggles in the morning to get their day going, there are some simple tips you can follow to improve your morning and ultimately your day!

Don’t Hit the Snooze Button!

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Trust me, we have all been there! Your alarm goes off and you think that you must have accidentally set it too early so you hit the snooze button and try to snag a few extra minutes. If you are one of those people who do this then you are doing yourself a huge injustice. Your body takes time to get going in the morning and when you go in and out of sleep by using the snooze button you are telling your body that it should not get the day started. This will severely slow you down when you do finally get up and the side effects and feeling of sleep deprivation can linger for hours.

Advice: Rather then setting your alarm with enough time to hit the snooze, set it at a definitive end time and make yourself get up when it does go off!

Write a To-Do List

Most people struggle in the mornings to find their footing or structure. The confusion can last several hours and by the time you realize what you should do your day is almost over. The best way to start every day is with a list of goals that you’d like to accomplish. Whether it’s work related, working out or just going to the grocery store, physically writing down your daily check list will help you gain focus and feel more accomplished throughout the day.

Advice: Keep a notepad next to your bed and write down your goals the night before you get up. That way in the morning it is the first thing you see and if you need to add anything you will have had time to think about it during your slumber.

Drink Water Right Away

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Drinking water in the morning and throughout the day is one of the healthiest habits you can get into. Drinking it as soon as you wake up can have a huge benefit not just in your health but also to kick-start your morning! Water is a natural cleanser so it will help to wash out any unwanted waste from your body and have your feeling refreshed and alive in no time.

Advice: Have a glass of water by your bed throughout the night so that it is ready in the morning. Room temperature water is typically better for you anyways so it should be fine through the evening.

Smile in the Mirror

Whether you woke up on the wrong or right side of the bed a quick and easy fix is to force a smile! It is scientifically proven that if you smile then you will release physiological chemicals that will improve your mood. Being that the first person in the morning you come across is probably yourself in the mirror, take the opportunity to smile at yourself, as it will severely improve your mood and your day!

Advice: Smiling at yourself in the mirror should not be the only time in the day that you smile. The more of an effort you put into smiling, the happier you will be not just in your day but throughout your life.

When it comes to the old expression “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” it no longer has to be an absolute. There are ways to alleviate this slow start mentality and have you living a productive and fulfilling life!

What other tips do you practice in the mornings to improve your day?

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