The futuristic models of robots developed by the scientists and robo-experts will be in the direction of making our life easier.

Helping Hand
It will make robots a part of each household. Therefore, the interaction of humans and robots are bound to increase in this modern world. It is also the duty of these researchers to make these robots fool-proof and safe for the human beings. The Robots can work as your workman, your playmate or assistant. They might help you cook in your kitchen or play you. So the robots need a strong but harmless body. Researchers are working day and night for solutions that would work out in favor of both the pessimists and the robot-lovers.

Harmless to Humans
Recently, developers have come with new designs for robot hands which would make them strong but at the same time harmless to humans. The hands would have unimagined strength, sensitivity, and grasp. The hands can crack an egg, or hold a ball, make coffee or dig a hole.

Bean Bag Hands
One of the inventions is a hand made out of bean bag. Researchers have found that grainy substances like sand or coffee can undergo its state transitions with ease, i.e., change from its liquid-state to solid-state. Using this property, the researchers have developed a balloon like bag which is filled with grounded coffee. Combining it with vacuum which sucks the air out of the bag, the hand is specialized to hold a variety of things with good grip. To pick up or hold an object, the bag is pushed onto it, allowing the granular coffee to cover the object. Then as vacuum is applied onto the sack, and all the air is suck out, it packs the coffee together to form a hard solid mass, which will clutch onto the object and have a good grip on it. The vacuum also allows the balloon to contract by less than half the percentage giving the hand the extra hold, without actually putting much pressure on the object. This makes the hand sensitive to breakable materials like a bulb or a chalk or an egg. This robotic hand can be manually operated by humans.

Such robotic arms will be in high demand in future. From manufacturing to bomb dismantling to smart homework, these hands can be used in a variety of ways. Though a human hand is far superior, due to the five fingers and sensitivity, these arms can also do the muscle work. Researchers are still working to make these arms more sensitive and gritty.

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Image Source | TechNavio

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