The Nikon D4s and the Canon 1Ds are two DSLR cameras that are very similar in the features that they offer and the specifications they have. When looking to use a top of the line DSLR, these are two of the primary cameras that you should consider. To make your decision easier, the following will provide you with a quick look at the many similarities between these two cameras, as well as the unique differences that set them apart. Since both of these cameras both cost over $6000 new, it is recommended you rent the cameras first.

Similarities Between Nikon D4s and Canon 1Ds

There are a plethora of similarities between the two DSLR cameras. Both are in the top tier of cameras and include CMOS technology. They both provide a full frame 36 x 24 mm photo sensor, as well as a large display size of 3.2 inches. These display monitors are LCD and were designed to be anti-reflective so that you can have a clear shot at what you're capturing at all times of the day. Both cameras also include a wireless file transfer system that allows users to transfer any of their pictures to another computer over both Bluetooth and LAN. Both cameras also feature video recording at 1080P HD, which is essential if you want the quality of your video to match the quality of the pictures you take. Both of these video modes allow for 30 minutes of recording at a time.

Features That are Unique to These Two Digital SLR Cameras

While there are many similarities in the way that these cameras are designed and the features that are included with them, there are also some key differences in a number of areas. One of the most basic differences between the two is that of the weight, with the Nikon D4s coming in at 3 pounds and the 1Ds at 7 pounds. While both are going to be a bit heavy to carry around, the Nikon D4s has the clear advantage in this area. That being said, when it comes to considering which camera to select there are a myriad of other features to keep in mind. As for picture quality, arguably the most important feature in a camera, the Nikon D4s includes 16.2 Megapixels, while the Canon 1Ds includes 18.1 Megapixels. It's important to note that the higher the megapixel, the better the image quality, though there's not such a huge difference between the Nikon D4s and Canon 1Ds that you shouldn't consider both.

While the amount of megapixels within a camera is an exceedingly important feature to be aware of, the ISO sensitivity is one of the most essential aspects of taking a good picture. ISO refers to the sensitivity to light when taking a picture. The lowest sensitivity available, the better the picture will be. The ISO can be changed with the image sensor. On that front, both cameras include the lowest ISO count of 100 and 200, but the Canon 1Ds has a much larger range, which can be useful for those that need an increase in ISO for a certain picture. Both cameras also include a “continuous” mode that allows for a rapid succession of images taken one after another. When set at this mode, the Nikon D4s can take around 11 images per second, while the Canon 1Ds can capture around 12 images per second, though this can be raised to 14 when in Super High Speed Mode. However, the Nikon D4s has a much stronger battery than its counterpart, as it has the ability to take 3020 shots before needing to be recharged, while the Canon 1Ds consumes a bit more power, only having the ability of taking around 1120 shots before recharge. Overall, whichever camera you choose, you are ensured one of the best cameras available on the market today.

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