7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel to Australia

Without a doubt, there are thousands of reasons to visit Australia – narrowing the list down to six presents the challenge. However, the following reasons are some of the best, from experiencing the natural beauty to shopping in some of the top malls in the world… Australia just seems to have it all!

  1. Natural Beauty


Australia is renowned for its diverse landscapes… the woodlands of Tasmania, the Great Dividing Range, far stretches of the Outback, the coral reefs, the majestic rainforests, and thousands of miles of beaches. It is worth checking out some of the great deals provided by check-in.com.au because each region has its own reason for drawing thousands of visitors each year. Furthermore, taking in the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef can be the experience of a lifetime!

  1. Fascinating Wildlife

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel to Australia  1Australia presents an incredible variety of animal and plant life. The fauna alone exceeds all expectations. Marsupials, such as the koala and kangaroo represent the countries fascinating wildlife. The echidna and the platypus are some of the only mammals alive today that nurse their young and lay eggs. Dingoes and Fairy Penguins add to the menagerie. Just a short venture out of the city affords visitors with countless opportunities to explore the amazing natural world of Australia.

  1. The Awesome Climate

One of the best reasons for travelling to Australia is that it is in the Southern Hemisphere and seasons are in reverse from most northern locations. December marks the beginning of the summer season and winter starts in June. If you are looking for a break from weather conditions at home, Australia offers some excellent solutions.  Additionally, Australia is immense, so the country provides a tremendous range of environments and weather conditions.

  1. A Rich Multicultural Experience

Australia is known throughout the world for its wealth of multiculturalism. The ancient Aboriginal culture dates back in excess of 40,000 years. Settled by Britain in 1788, this ‘colonial outpost’ has grown into a rich and diverse population within the last 200-plus years. Australia continues to reflect and preserve its ancient past, while highlighting developments that are far more recent. The incredible Australian cuisine reflects the great variety of cultures.

  1. Fine Cuisine

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel to Australia  2Boutique wineries draw connoisseurs from around the globe. Tours to wineries give an insight into some of the most exclusive vineyards anywhere. Now amid the twelve largest wine producers in the world, the southern portion of Australia boasts several highly acclaimed wine producers. Moreover, Australia cuisine has taken on a life of its own within the last 40 some years. Meals prepared from a variety of local ingredients blend flavors from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe to produce foods with a unique twist. Specialty items from across the territories provide mouthwatering favorites such as beef, lamb, rock oysters, olive oil, salmon, fresh dairy products, exotic fruits, and organic vegetables.

6 – Shopping in Australia

Australia is a shopper’s paradise. With world-famous designers, exquisite jewelry, unique items and every type of store imaginable, there are treasures awaiting everyone. From the farmer’s markets to the high-end department stores and malls, shopping in Australia is well worth the visit.

There are so many reasons to visit the world down under! While the six reasons listed above are among the best… why not travel to Australia and find your own.

7- Sporting Events & Entertainment

Last but certainly not least, Australia boasts a number of fantastic sporting events both domestic and uniquely Australian such as ‘Aussie Rules,’ and prominent international competitions such as the Australian Open and the Grand Prix. The AFL Grand Final, held annually on the last Saturday in September is almost a national holiday. More than 100,000 people pack out the MCG, 6 million people tune in to the game on TV and a carnival theme featuring team parades transforms the city of Melbourne. If visiting Australia for one of these sporting events be sure to reserve your tickets at least 6 months in advance. Should you miss out; sites such as Queen of Tickets host a ticket marketplace where you can secure a ticket at the last minute.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Travel to Australia  4
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