conferencingIf you were to consider how tight the economy is, you might realize that the majority of companies, especially the most sensible ones, would want to take measures in order to reduce their overall spending. They would want to take up all the opportunities they can to grow, and they have realized that video conferencing systems are a great way to go about this. A report discussed by the Harvard Business Review revealed that video conferencing was one of the technologies that greatly benefitted from a bad economy, as it grew by 30 percent from 2008 to 2009 as more and more businesses were focusing their energies on somehow reducing their overall costs and expenses associated with business travel.

HP, Cisco, and Nortel are a few examples of players in the field of video conferencing that have all managed to develop amazing systems in order to cater the needs and requirements of businesses. Through these systems, you will feel that you are sitting in the same room as the people you are having a video chat with. Here is how video conferencing is likely to make travel extinct in the future.

Money Saving Opportunities
Video conferencing would definitely help to save a lot of money for businesses, especially since travel costs will be significantly reduced. The tool aids in giving employees the opportunity to be at multiple places at the same time, without even having to leave your home or office. This helps to increase the productivity of your business and also reduce costs associated with having to travel. Not to mention, excessive traveling can make a person tired, thereby leaving him with little or no motivation to meet or talk to anyone. Video conferencing offers great quality and is also very easy to use. It is especially an attractive alternative if you consider costs of the plane tickets plus the expenditure on meals, transportation, and hotel charges, as Clear One talks about.

Reduction in Environmental Footprint
Wired emphasizes how businesses can significantly reduce their environmental foot print once they take steps to ensure a reduction in their travel and associated expenditure through video conferencing. This way, they can payback for various utilities such as heating, cooking and lighting, along with fleet, waste, and IT in a quicker manner, and also save significantly in all of the operational areas of the company.

British Telecom had indicated a few years back that it had managed to save $330 million every year after they cut back on travelling, whereas Microsoft indicated a savings of $90 million. The focus here to have more meetings that are based on technology as opposed to having to travel for them.

What Video Conferencing Says About a Business
A business who is making use of video conferencing is clearly indicating to the fact that they take the progress of the company very seriously and also put important consideration into how happy their employees are, and whether they are receiving adequate work-life balance or not. A company who invests in such a facility also ends up contributing more to the environment.

Strategic Benefits
With the help of video conferencing, businesses can get in touch with their vendors no matter where they are located in the world. This also implies less business travel for them, since they would not have to go meet their vendors and discuss how things are going in person.

Improvement in Communication
With so much improvement in communication with the help of Blue Jeans video conferencing, there will actually no longer be the need for businesses to send their employees elsewhere. Video conferencing leads to far more efficient and effective collaboration and faster results. These communications are not at all as efficient over say telephone calls. If a CEO is to hold a meeting on a worldwide basis across multiple offices in various locations, the employees are likely to feel more connected with the work and international colleagues without even having to gather these people at a single place, as Computer Weekly discusses. Not to mention, the video quality is extremely high and the effort required is next to none. So now just imagine how much of an effort and time it would have required in order to take a trip across the globe as opposed to have a meeting over your computer or mobile device in your own home country.

Video conferencing will definitely make business travel extinct, especially if it means that businesses will get more opportunity to improve their bottom line and invest the amount of money they will end up saving on more productive tasks and efforts. The video conferencing tool will also help in making sure that you remain far ahead of your competition. There is no end to the amount of benefits that video conferencing can provide businesses. All that the businesses are required to do is to tap into the opportunity so that they can start benefitting from it.

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  • Video conferencing will not completely replace business class travel as there are still many things which cannot be simply accomplished using video conferencing. Tools like R-HUB desktop video conferencing servers, Polycom, Avaya, webex, etc. will definitely help businesses in reducing travel costs, but will not completely eliminate business travel.

INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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