comfort womenIf you haven’t heard about comfort women, then you should continue reading because this will leave you appalled and informed at the extent governments will go to please their allies in war. This was prevalent across Asia and you will find out who the comfort women were, what they did, who they were, and where they are now.

What Were They Forced To Do?

Comfort women were women who were forced into prostitution during times of conflict and even afterwards. The most eye opening part of all of this is that it was the government who forced these women into prostitution. There were government sanctioned brothels as crazy as that seems but the women were forced into prostitution to comfort foreign soldiers. Namely these were US soldiers in Korea during the Korean War. The women were just there to comfort the US soldiers through prostitution. Did the Korean government see the heinous misstep in their ways? To say the least, no they did not. Two Korean lawmakers proposed to have government sanctioned brothels less than a decade later. Was this to appease allies during war? No, this was to keep US soldiers from going to Japan and spending their money in a foreign place. This all happened because the government was worried about espionage and riots of soldiers whether they be foreign or of Korea.

Who Were They?

Obviously most of these women were not from prominent families who had a lot of money. Many of them were of the lower class as would be expected. Most of the girls came from Japanese occupied countries and were forced into prostitution. Reports say that many of these foreign girls were abducted from their homes. This was the Korean equivalent to the human trafficking that goes on all over the world. There was also a scam that promised the women good jobs in industrial towns only to be taken to the brothels and forced into prostitution.

Where Are They Now?

Comfort women who are still alive are much different people than they would have been in the past. Recently, a lawsuit has been filed by former comfort women saying that their human rights were violated when they were forced to commit prostitution. The scars even after 60 years are still fresh and retribution needs to be paid. Although the women never saw the battlefield, they were fighting their own war and many of the women are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. There has also been a myriad of other mental issues associated with their time as a comfort woman.

Human trafficking is something that nobody in their right mind would think is morally ok. So why did multiple governments engage in this so freely? Obviously there were atrocities being committed during wars, but a government taking women and tricking them into forced prostitution is as heinous as many of the atrocities committed. These women were changed forever and now are looking for retribution although money may not give them their piece of mind, it will help.

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