Choosing Between Basic eReaders and Fully Functional Tablets

Shopping for next technology is always going to be a somewhat confusing endeavor. Manufacturers produce new versions of products constantly in an effort to provide consumers with the most cutting edge devices that deliver the best performance. For readers that want to dive into the digital revolution, they might be considering whether it would be a better decision to invest in a more narrowly focused eReader or a tablet device with a broader range of capabilities. Looking at Nook for example, consumers choose between their GlowLight reader or their Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. Look no further than this guide to choosing which device is the right purchase for you.

Budget and Pricing
One of the most important factors to take into consideration is of course going to be the amount of money you can spend on your new device. Basic readers are generally going to be less expensive than tablets. For example, you can buy the Nook GlowLight for $119. For more advanced devices like its counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, you can make the purchase for $179. The relatively affordable eReader is a good option for those whose needs are primarily reading based and want something that won’t break the bank. Of course, the difference in pricing reflects a difference in intended functionality as well.

Choosing which device is the right one for your needs depends on what you plan to do with your tablet or reader. If you are primarily going to be reading novels or periodicals, you might be best suited with an eReader which is first and foremost a platform for reading and doesn’t offer alternative options. For those that want to consume other media like television shows, movies or games and applications, a tablet might be a better choice, as they enable greater connectivity to that content. According to eWeek, “Barnes & Noble is smart to offer some freebies with the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. As noted, customers who buy the device will get $200 worth of free content, including access to three eBooks, three free TV show episodes, and a 14-day free trial for a selection of magazines.”

Aside from the capacity to support video playback, tablets often come with additional hardware like camera, GPS systems for directions, as well as speakers for those who prefer listening to audio books.

In addition to the difference in functionality, you should consider to what extent you will have access to internet connectivity when you are using your reading device. For the devices’ storage capacity, eReaders tend to hold around 2,000 books with 4GB of data memory on the GlowLight. Because video files tend to require more memory space, tablets come with twice that, at 8GB of available data storage space on the Galaxy Nook. Both devices come equipped with complimentary cloud storage.

Convenience and Portability
In terms of portability, both devices offer a good amount of battery life but for longer trips, tablets usually have longer battery lives. With an eReader like the GlowLight, the battery will last up to eight weeks per charge if you are reading around half an hour per day. On the other hand, tablet users tend to use the device for more than just their reading functionality. The battery on a tablet like the Galaxy Tab 4 can last up to ten hours of video playback depending on factors like network connectivity and application use.

Given their functions, eReaders are generally lighter and smaller than tablets, which users prefer to have a larger screen. With either of them, you’ll be saving a great deal of space carrying a tablet or eReader as opposed to a pile of books, DVDs and a laptop computer in your carryon.

Access Controls
If you plan to share your device with other family members, tablets are often programmed to allow for parental controls and multiple accounts, so each user has a personalized interface with only the applications and content he or she uses.

Ultimately, whether you choose an eReader or a fully functional tablet device, you’re going to get a superior reading experience that goes beyond the traditional physical book format. All you need to decide is the price point that you’re comfortable buying within, the type of media content you will want to access, the storage and mobility you require, as well as whether or not you’re sharing with the family. Then it’s just time to place your order and start reading on your brand new device.

Choosing Between Basic eReaders and Fully Functional Tablets 2
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