How Auto Transmission Works

Do you know how the auto transmission of your vehicle works? Most people do not pay much attention to their transmission until it has a problem and fails. Understanding how auto transmission works will make it easy for car owners to learn how to correctly maintain it.

The Torque Converter
The main area of focus of a transmission is the torque convertor. The torque convertor will focus on supplying power to the engine. There is a metal rod called the transmission shaft next to the engine crankshaft. The engine will then turn the transmission using hydraulic coupling. The transmission shaft must be able to rotate for the engine to run properly. The impeller, turbine, and stator are all essential aspects of the transmission. These parts all help to make up the torque convertor. The convertor needs to be able to spin adequately to keep the transmission fluid moving through the blades and fans. As the shaft keeps turning it will cause the power to be multiplied, providing enough power to move a car.

What is Slippage?
Since there are two sides to a torque convertor with the fluid connection, there is going to be some slippage when the transmission is running. This is normally around 2 percent to 8 percent, but anything higher can be a concern, as it usually means the convertor is slipping too much and will fail. Since gas mileage is a major concern, modern automatic transmissions have a lockup clutch.

Planetary Gearset
The planetary gearset includes a variety of elements that are needed to help the entire system run properly. There is the sun gear, planet carrier with drum and pistons, and the ring gear with a drum. The core design of the planetary gearset is similar to most vehicles. When the car is shifted to different positions, there are some things that will change. In neutral, there is no motion. With other gears, the car will start to move as the planetary gear is engaging with the input shaft. With each gear, the car will automatically shift and the intermediate band will change positions to hold the high clutch drum.

Maintain a Transmission
The owner’s manual will clearly explain where the dipstick for the transmission fluid is located. Once you locate the dipstick to check the transmission fluid, you need to add fluid if it is low. Some cars require you to test the fluid with the engine off, while others will need to check it when the car is turned off.

Why Transmissions Fail
The transmission normally fails when it is overheating. This can happen when you are towing, as the extras train on the engine can cause it to blow. When the engine becomes hot, the transmission will oxidize and it doesn’t lubricate as easily. Usually an overheated transmission will end up looking dark and dirty. While it can be too hot for some people, the engine design is another concern. There are faulty parts or a poorly-built engine that causes transmission concerns.

Preventing Transmission Problems
The best way to prevent a problem with the transmission is by checking it often for leaks. Based on the vehicle you are driving, you may need to have a mechanic check the transmission, as they will have the right tools and education to check for problems and repair them quickly. Look in your owner’s manual to find out how often you need to change the transmission fluid. This is the best way to know when you need to service your car, and to prevent expensive repairs.

How Auto Transmission Works 2
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