The Importance of Balance in Sports

Balance in sports is tantamount to the core. Without it, you wouldn’t have much in the way of agility or precision, not to mention you’d look pretty funny attempting that back flip or that touchdown catch. You can improve everything from your golf game to your skateboarding tricks with the help of fitness balance boards and other tools. In the case of golf, for example, the relationship between your body, the ball and your club swing must be in complete alignment, with a perfect swing tempo, if you want to cut down on mishits and errant shots, according to Revolution Balance Boards. There are many ways you can improve your game, thanks to a variety of tools and resources that can boost your skill set exponentially. But it’s important to understand how balance works.

Why is Balance Important?
When you boost your balance abilities, you can increase your chances of success with certain sports and exercises. Your body engages in proprioception when you harness the ability of your lower body to balance, according to Idea Health and Fitness Association. Proprioception is essentially the blending of balance, coordination and agility. You need to improve your proprioception in order to progress in any sport, it’s that simple. To achieve this, you need to work on maintaining stability, honing your agility for changing direction quickly, and crafting your coordination so you can achieve accuracy and consistency—two big factors in playing sports well. By improving your proprioception, you also reduce your chances of getting injured thanks to increased awareness of your body and how it reacts. Perhaps you’ve taken classes, courses and programs designed to help you improve your game, whatever that may be. Perhaps you’ve had some success, but you feel there’s more potential to be tapped into. Maybe you want to incorporate something into your routine that you can do at home, on your own. That’s where tools such as balance boards and stability trainers come in.

Health Benefits to Core Training
Weak or unbalanced core muscles can prevent you from not only excelling in sports but also from achieving simple everyday tasks such as housework, gardening, on-the-job tasks, and even bending down to pick up a package, says Harvard Medical School. When your core muscles are not flexible, your arms and legs do not function as well. Therefore, it stands to reason that having a strong core translates to enhanced stability and balance. This in turn leads to a lesser risk of falls and injuries during team or individual sports. Your core acts a stabilizer for your entire body so you can twist and turn in any direction as a response to stimuli, such as over rough terrain while on your BMX bike. It can also help you retain balance when standing upright such as in golf or in tennis. A strong core can become the backbone to virtually any sport you participate in, from swimming, running and racquet sports to baseball, kayaking and volleyball. Lower back pain is a classic sign of an out-of-whack core. You don’t have to live with lower back pain and become part of the 65 million Americans who suffer from this affliction, according to ShareCare. You can prevent the effects of back pain by promoting activities to strengthen balance in your core muscles. Got bad posture? This is likely due to weak core muscles. Not only will you improve your posture with balancing activities, you will also feel more confident in your ability to swing that club or make that game-winning catch.

The Importance of Balance in Sports 2
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