IK Multimedia Launches iRig Voice

IK Multimedia announced the launch of their new, colorful microphone today and we’re giving you a first hand look.  We tried it with our iPhone 5S and recorded the entire embedded video with the new mic.  I’m pleased to say that background noise was kept to a minimum as were the snaps and pops you find when speaking in to shoddy equipment.  This one sounded good except when I had my mouth too close.  My bad.

The iRig Voice comes with an app called EZ Voice (for iOS and Android) – and though you could really use just about any mic with the application, they are a good fit for one another.  The app was pretty fun to play around with and you can hear some samples at the end of the embedded video.

iRig Voice retails for $39.99 – Find a retailer here at the IK Multimedia site.

Unfortunately, there’s not too much to say as the device is very straight forward.  It feels sturdy, the cord is thick (approx 6′ long) and it ‘just works’.  No issues plugging and adding in a set of headphones.  The sound was clear passing through while recording/monitoring.  No complaints other than it appears the on/off switch label is upside down (see video).  Based on my experience with IK multimedia and knowing I have an early version, I’m quite sure they’ll get that cleared up.

EZ Voice is Free download but effects will cost you.  The full set of effects costs only $4.99.

I enjoyed playing around with the application and, as mentioned, the mic sounds pretty good.  The only knock on the application is that once you finish recording a song, you have to load the song again.  It doesn’t stick.

Otherwise the features and functionality are straight forward as noted below:

The basic process is this –

  1. Start the app, skip the splash screen/advertising and arrive at ‘record’ screen.
  2. Click the Plus sign in upper left to add a song
  3. Choose Music Library (or iTunes file Sharing)
  4. Apply effects and Record!  (you can apply the FX later if you want)
  5. Save (or discard)
  6. Pick a name

Now, you’re done.

To listen

  1. Press Song
  2. Tap the song you just saved and hit the gray arrow.
  3. Your recording will play in a loop until you stop
  4. (you may now adjust the effects even after song saved)
  5. (you may ‘share’ via email, itunes, or soundcloud)

That’s it in a nutshell but you could spend much time tweaking the voice effects.


Here are some additional shots of the EZ Voice detailed effects screens.

the Morph detailed control.


Tune Detailed screen


IMG_6777 IMG_6778

IK Multimedia Launches iRig Voice 3
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IK Multimedia Launches iRig Voice 7

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