Modern Water Transportation Methods

In the past, water was transported by aqueduct, by jugs carried upon someone’s head or shoulders, and by flooding, which is pouring water down rows of crops and letting the water run to the crops. Nowadays, water is transported several different ways, depending on the water’s use and many other factors.
Oil Waste-water Transport
Oil fields have a constant source of waste-water to deal with. Traditionally, this water was transported in trucks. Taking care of the waste-water uses a large amount of the budget and is very important. In order to lower costs, operators at oil field waste-water facilities are now using fixed pipeline or layflat hose to transport the water. Some companies even have 3 or 4 dedicated pipes to handle different fluids such as gas, oil and both fresh water and produced water. The layflat hose is much more mobile and easier to customize, but it is more temporary. The time to set it up cuts costs on labor. Fixed pipeline is more permanent and must be buried.

Different Types of Irrigation
There are many different types of irrigation used by farmers, some were used many years ago or are still used in less developed areas and some are more modern.
Flood Irrigation
Flood or furrow irrigation is described above. A farmer would collect water in a bucket and pour it downhill to the crops. This type of irrigation was very prone to evaporation and missed a lot of crops. Flooding is still very popular because it costs very little but the farmers are now using some things to make flooding more accurate. They level fields to make them flat. Any field with a hill will hamper the water from getting to crops so the farmers will sometimes use a laser and leveling equipment to make a field flat and allow water to reach all of the crops. They use surge flooding in which water gets released at predetermined intervals. This avoids problems with runoff. They also are able to catch and reuse the runoff from the flooding that is caught on the edges and backs of fields in ponds or lakes and reuse it.

Spray Irrigation
Spray Irrigation uses a long hose with holes in it with a sprayer on the end on a frame that moves in circles. The water sprays out of the holes and the sprayers as the frame moves in circles irrigating the crops. This is good for large farms but evaporation is a problem. It also requires machinery and is costly.

More Modern, Less Costly Irrigation
To save electricity and lessen the loss of water through evaporation, the method of spraying water gently from a pipe that hangs in the air can be used. This type of sprayer has several sprayers that are hanging down from a pipe that carries water. The sprayers spray close to the ground from a nozzle and spray right onto the crops. Compared to 60 percent of the water actually getting used with the regular sprayer (losing 40 percent to evaporation), these sprayers use 90 percent of the water (only losing 10 percent to evaporation). Water transportation is always changing and improving.


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Modern Water Transportation Methods 2
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