The Rise of Hybrid and Electric Cars

The simple truth is, many consumers spend between $50 and $100 weekly in gasoline just to go to work and run the daily errands of life. As gas prices rise, the fuel bill turns into an ever-increasing monthly expense. Some people are tired of having that one extra bill, gasoline, and are looking for ways to make their lives simpler.

Other consumers have the extra money for gasoline, but are concerned with global warming and pollution. This section of the market wants to do what they can to make the world a better place.

Then there are those who fit into both categories. College students, movie stars, professionals and housewives are all joining the ranks of hybrid and electric car enthusiasts.
History of Hybrid and Electric Cars
Alternate power sources besides gasoline have been around for a long time. In 1897, the foggy streets of London saw an electric taxi cab service spur to life. The business model was not successful, though, and these taxis were soon out of business because of financial problems. Nobody in current times can claim the invention of the electric car. The technology has been around since the 1800s.

Hybrid and Electric Cars in Modern Times
Hybrid cars hit the United States marketplace in 2000 and have slowly begun to take over market share. Children who saw the first hybrids come out are now adults and car buyers. Older drivers are becoming accustomed to new technology. Currently hybrid and electric cars continue to increase in popularity. Automaker BMW is now coming out with an electric car with an 81-mile battery range. This new addition to the fleet of green friendly cars joins models from nearly every major auto manufacturer. BMW is not normally associated with go-green type groups, so the new product launch from BMW shows how very much hybrid and electric cars have infiltrated the psyche of society.

Gaining Share Quickly
The Toyota Pruis conquered market share as the third best-selling family car in the world during the first quarter of 2012. These cars were initially slow to gain acceptance, but to be the third best-selling family car in the world is really saying something.

Other Hybrid and Electric Options
Another way that electric cars have found a part of the market share is in the ability for people to create their own. One university has recently developed a new product that can turn any existing car into a hybrid car. The technology puts electric motors on the free-rolling wheels of any vehicle, allowing them to essentially double gas mileage and reduce emissions and the carbon footprint. This is just one of many ways people can become a part of the hybrid and electric movement in the auto industry. One doesn’t have to purchase a new car or even a kit to take advantage of electric and hybrid-electric transportation. Some people are repurposing old manual-transmission vehicles. This is done by replacing the existing gas motor with an industrial fork-lift motor. These concepts, in combination with better battery technology, make the hybrid and electric car market an attractive alternative to spending a fortune at the gas pump.


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The Rise of Hybrid and Electric Cars 3
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The Rise of Hybrid and Electric Cars 7

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