My initial thoughts about the latest Marvel Movie “Masterpiece” –

My gut reaction is a low 4 high 3 rating (out of 5 stars) although as time passes, I think my rating is drifting more toward a solid 3.  STOP HERE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READY ANY SPOILERS.


The movie starts out in what I assume to be current day but a vastly different current day wherein mutants and sympathetic humans are hunted and killed by Sentinels.  First off, I'm unclear as to why certain humans and mutants are hunted and killed and others are rounded up and tossed in to camps.  Perhaps there is some sort of 3 strikes rule wherein if you escape more than 3 times they just sick a Sentinel on you and you're done.  Where is due process?   Also of note is the matrix-like bad weather.  Why is it that when a movie shows a ‘dark future' the weather is literally dark?  I personally would find it more creepy to view a destroyed city under nice blue skies.  Regardless, in this movie bad times equals dark and stormy weather.

Other things that bugged me (seriously don't read if you don't want anything ruined):

  • Since when does Kitty Pryde's power include time travel for consciousness?
  • Piling on the first point, with that power how does sending back one consciousness allow another to travel back up the line a la Xavier and allow him to talk to himself?  I can envision the writers now… “uh, well the power makes no sense anyway so why not pile on?”
  • The funky outfit on Quicksilver (and where did he get those steam-punk headphones in the 70s)
  • Wolverines bone claws.  Maybe it worked with the timeline but I'm partial to the metal
  • Did the injection of metal in the 70s era sentinels reprogram them too?  How would that work?
  • Was the Vietnamese general simply unable to fight?  I mean, he would not have won but at least knock that leg away or have her foot wrap around his neck or something
  • Could not find Stan Lee – did I miss it?   Let me know in the comments if you found him
  • How does Magneto get stabbed?  After all the time he had to prepare for and I assume practice battles, why was there nothing protecting him?
  • The end of the movie (not the very very very end)  – I'm not going to completely give it away but I don't see how the end would have really changed anything – they must have edited out the negotiations between Charles and the government or something

Stuff I liked:

  • Despite the outfit – the one action scene with Quicksilver was pretty cool.  There was more use of matrix effects (bullet time) but hey, I liked it.
  • The brief tie in with Quicksilver being Magneto's son (not spoiler if you read the comics)
  • Getting to see Bishop for at least a bit.  Always thought he was a cool character
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique/Raven.  It worked for me.
  • Reuniting most of the cast from the x-movies.  It makes for nice continuity – the brain does not have to get used to a new person in a character's body.
  • The actors were great – as usual.  Seriously an all star cast
  • Hugh Jackman clearly committed to working out.  The guy was ripped.  No singing though.
  • The Sentinels did not play games – they were brutal killing machines
  • The 3D effects were not “over the top” – I normally don't pay to see 3D but I did this time and was mainly satisfied with the result.

All in all the movie was OK (3 out of 5).  As a huge Marvel fan, I don't WANT to find issues and inconsistencies but I found a few.  However, I don't feel like I wasted my money and remember I paid extra for the 3D version.   If you grew up on Marvel or just like this generation of hero movies, give it a chance but don't expect it to completely knock your socks off.

Lance Gilliland

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Lance Gilliland

Consumer Electronics. Technology. Media. Comics. Football. Family. Health. Entertainment. Great, now my fingers are tired.

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