Getting the Most Out of Selling Your Car

If buying a car is nerve wracking, selling a used one can be more so. The concerns are varied and valid, ranging from the level of probability of a sale to how much it will fetch. To help you along the way, here are a couple of common things to watch out for in order to get the most out of selling your car.

Make Sensible Repairs
The first thing you might want to do is evaluate the car’s condition, which can be divided into the cosmetic and the mechanical. Cosmetic defects – which include dents, dings, faded paint and rust – can be easily fixed without taking the more expensive route of replacing parts. For the car’s mechanical condition, you might want to take it to your certified mechanic to be inspected for essential fixes. Be carefulof this aspect of your vehicle conditioning for sale, as some mechanical repairs can be very expensive. Ultimately, make repairs that are necessary and make financial sense. You don’t want to spend a ton of money repairing your car without recouping your losses. Make sure all repairs are necessary and will provide a good return of investment. For assuring potential buyers that certain parts have been fixed or replaced, show them the repair records.

Get an Accurate Evaluation
Once you determine the condition of the vehicle and make any necessary repairs, calculate its market value. The two most common evaluation companies are the Kelly Blue Book and the National Automotive Dealers Association, although there’s also Edmunds.com and the USAA Car Buying Service. When you go to these companies’ websites, always factor in the car’s mileage, equipment and overall condition. The car is most likely going to be in “Very Good” or “Good” condition, provided the defects and mechanical problems are minor or have been fixed. When you consult professional services, you get a much better idea of what price you are willing to ask for your used automobile.

Sell Your Car Yourself
Companies like KBB and NADA give you the car’s market value depending on whether you want to sell it to an individual buyer or trade it in to a dealership. Go with the former option; the private party market value is usually higher than the dealer market value. Thus, by selling your car yourself, you can get more money for your sale.
Use Quality Photos
When you are ready to put up an online ad, you want to take and put up photos that represent the car in the most accurate way possible. For instance, when they arrive to see the car, potential buyers can get angry or upset if they spot flaws that you did not reveal in the pictures online. They can choose to walk away or actually negotiate for a decrease of the vehicle’s asking price.

Showcase the Car
Regardless of the car’s condition, it is always much easier to sell it clean than dirty. Give it that inviting aura by washing and waxing the exterior and vacuuming and shampooing the interior. Better yet, you can do it yourself to save the expense of taking it to a car wash. Merely cleaning the car can actually give it greater value in the eyes of potential buyers than what you are asking for.

Sell It at the Right Time
Selling your car at the right time is very important. You don’t want to try selling it when people are generally strapped for cash, such as the beginning or end of the month, when bills are due, or during seasons when standing outside to look at cars can be very uncomfortable.


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