Top Cities for Industrial Careers

If you are looking to start an industrial career in Houston, you are in luck. According to Manufacturers’ News, Houston is the number one city for industrial employment as of 2012, boasting 235,038 manufacturing jobs. This is an increase of nearly three percent from the previous year. New York is up next, with 140,952 jobs, up by about 1.3 percent. From oil and automotive to solar and manufacturing, many industries contribute to this career choice.

The Numbers at a Glance
After New York, Chicago ranks third, with 107,264, followed by St. Louis with 80,795 and Los Angeles for 79,873 jobs. Five out of the top 50 cities for industrial careers and career training are in California, with five located in Texas, including number one Houston, as well as Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin. A total of 17 of the top 50 showed increases over the previous year, including Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, and Tulsa. Overall, growth in this sector is on the rise, with more than 330,000 industrial jobs added in the United States since 2010, with growth the fastest since the 1990s, according to Forbes. Factoring in manufacturing growth, Forbes rates the Houston-Sugarland-Baytown region in Texas as generating the most manufacturing sectors. Other large metro areas that ranked high include the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area in Washington State, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Ft. Worth, Texas.

Delving Deeper
So what exactly does an industrial career or sector involve? Well, it turns out it means different things to different areas of the country, with some states stronger than others in particular areas. Jacksonville for instance is one of the major centers of industrial and commercial activity. Because of this, starting up a career may be much easier than other cities and getting training locally may be more beneficial for those interested.

Areas of Growth
The Great Lakes area, particularly Michigan, is seeing huge increases in the auto industry, thanks to more automation and high-tech production processes, translating to a boost of 26 percent in the three years between 2009 and 2012. Washington State is enjoying vibrant industrial growth thanks in large part to its low hydroelectric energy costs. Similarly, Utah has low energy costs and is thriving in areas of technology-driven manufacturing, specifically in regards to the aerospace and sports equipment industries. Virginia Beach has seen growth in everything from fabricated metals to autos. According to Daily Finance, Louisville, Kentucky, saw its manufacturing jobs grow from 48,000 to 72,000 from 2009 to 2012—a growth of 14.7 percent per year. Why? Two words: Ford and GE. These powerhouses both have plants in the greater Louisville region. Detroit, all but left for dead a few years ago in terms of its automotive industry, is again experiencing growth thanks to a rebound in manufacturing, says Business Insider. Technology is big in the Bay area, while Oklahoma and Salt Lake City are seeing some strong oil and gas growth. Copper production and mining are strong in Phoenix, Arizona. With more and more companies providing on-the-job training for all sectors, plus area technical and trade institutes preparing high schoolers fresh out of school for an industrial career, the pool of candidates is growing to meet the demands of the industry throughout the country.

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