Exterior Home Improvements That Make A Property Shine

When homeowners think of home improvements, they often focus on functional changes, such as a kitchen remodel. From painting the walls to installing a water-powered sump pump in the basement, these basic improvements are undeniably beneficial to your home, but the exterior should be the star.

exterior home improvements

When buyers drive up to a property, they need a reason to hop out of the car. Take a look at some of the best exterior improvements that add value and beauty to a property.

Fiber-cement siding

A home may have an exterior paint job that was fresh and gorgeous five years ago, but harsh sunlight and weathering typically dulls the shine. Consider adding fiber-cement siding to your home.

Available in a rainbow of colors, this specialized exterior improvement lasts for decades with almost no maintenance. Unlike wood, fiber cement cannot be damaged by pests or rot. It will provide your home with some fire resistance because of fiber cement’s core construction.

Only paint with fiber cement when you desire a new look. It retains the color longer than other materials.

Add potted plants

Landscaping is a large part of a home’s exterior appearance. Although a homeowner may not have a green thumb, it’s crucial to add some plant life to the front yard.

If your property already has a lush front lawn, consider adding potted plants along the front door pathway. Select matching pots that reflect the home’s architecture, whether formal or casual.

Change the plants periodically to reflect the seasons, for example pansies in the spring and chrysanthemums in the fall.

New garage door

A roll-up garage door is a perfect accent to modernize the home. Look for a garage-door company that specializes in door and opener installations.

Deep discounts are often negotiable when a contractor installs both units during the same project. Doors can have windows and different colors, depending on your home’s color scheme. The home gets an instant new look, which allows you to show off your new opener and door to potential buyers.

Patch the roof

The roof is one of the home’s major systems that buyers scrutinize closely. As the current homeowner, you’ll want to study the roof for any missing or worn shingles.

If necessary, hire a contractor to inspect and patch your roof. There may be an unidentified leak that’s slowly degrading your home’s structural integrity. With a professionally approved roof, buyers will feel more confident about bidding generously for the property.

Energy-efficient windows

Single-pane windows usually let drafts enter the home, and lead to high energy costs over the winter and summer. For this reason, you’ll want to consider adding new energy-efficient windows.

Double-pane models use trapped gas between the glass to insulate a home from cold or hot winds. When buyers look at the new windows, they’ll know that their energy costs will be minimal, which makes the property especially appealing.

Keep the window frames clean and gleaming on any open house days to highlight this improvement feature. Quality windows can last for decades.

Exterior home improvements bring buyers into the home for a potential sale. Try replacing or repairing one exterior element at first to see the visual difference. Selling your home involves a competition with surrounding properties.

Anna Johansson
Anna is a freelance writer and researcher from the Olympia, WA area who loves to obsess about weird topics and then write about them. When she isn't writing, she is outside on her bike and comtemplating her eventual trip to graduate school.

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