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Calculating the Cost of Buying a Home Has Just Gotten Easier

Earlier this month, a home improvement network named Porch and, which deals with online real estate, came together to create the Porch Home and Neighborhood Report. The report is a free resource that enables potential home buyers to learn about the home improvement project and remodeling history of a particular house and its neighborhood.

This innovative online creation will only be available to potential home buyers who perform searches on The official website of the National Association of REALTORS, is the first professional entity to give home buyers access to the Porch Home and Neighborhood Report for free.

The network’s impact

The Porch Home and Neighborhood Report was created using information from the Porch Home Improvement Network of more than a million real estate professionals and their 98 million projects. Now that the report is available to them, potential home buyers have a new level of insight when they’re hunting for a new home.

The free report contains a home’s remodeling project history, the financial details of the remodeling and home improvement projects, background information that real estate professionals who worked on the home and in the neighborhood can use, and neighborhood statistics such as the number of years that people in adjacent homes have lived there. The report also details the age, size, and cost of similar homes in the local area.

Details in the Porch Home and Neighborhood Report

If a potential home buyer goes on, the free reports may include a residence’s history from the Porch database. Some of the information an interested party may obtain can include photos, projects, costs, and the names of any professionals who worked on the residence in question.

One can also obtain a lot of important information relating to the home improvement projects that have been completed in a given community. The report gives prospective home buyers information on various projects, such as average costs and the names of contractors who regularly operate in the area so the house hunter will have it for future reference.

A home buyer who wants to compare homes in different neighborhoods can do that if he or she consults the Porch Home and Neighborhood Report. Some of the details include size, age, the value of homes, the number of homes that are occupied by owners, and the total amount of time that homeowners in the neighborhood have lived in their residences.

When home buyers use Porch’s Home and Neighborhood Report, they’ll have an unprecedented and innovative resource for performing an exhaustive, informed, and detailed search for a home. Unlike other paid reports, the Porch Home and Neighborhood Report gives the home buyer actual figures instead of estimates and guesstimates.

The data is backed by information that comes from local permit departments, suppliers of home-improvement tools, and professional associations that do business in the region. By referring to Porch’s Home and Neighborhood Report, home buyers can easily understand all the potential costs of buying a particular residence.

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