In today’s digital age, online advertising is by default the preferred mode of advertising by business owners. After all, who doesn’t own a device with internet connection and who doesn’t check or use such device regularly? Hence it is easy to see why one would naturally choose online versus traditional modes of advertising.

But traditional advertising remains equally effective and has also evolved to be more creative just like the introduction of taxi advertising. Clearvision Advertisement has begun creating taxi ads that can help promote a company’s product orbrand. In fact, recently, HBO commissioned them to run the Game of Thrones ads. HBO was happy with the outcome and will be running another advertisement soon.

So how does taxi advertising compare with online advertising?

Online Advertising

The Pros

  • It is cost-efficient. For a very small budget, you can already start running online ads such as Facebook Ads.
  • It can be highly targeted. As long as you know the basic profile of the target market you want to reach out, you can setup the ads to be shown to them particularly.
  • It is easy to setup. Most accounts can be created for free and as long as your credit card is connected to the site, you start creating online ads by following the directions on the site you are in.

The Cons

  • High competition. Almost everyone is using online ads and probablytargeting the same specific demographic group. The one with the higher budget usually wins the competition.
  • Target market might see the ad only once or for a brief moment since they are busy doing something else online and might take no heed of the online ad. Hence no action is taken with the ads.

Taxi Advertising

The Pros

  • Taxis operate on a specific geographic area and can also be used to target customers per geographic reach.
  • Customers see the ad more frequently and with lesser distractions since when they encounter the ad, their focus is on the street as either they are about to cross, walking along or looking for a cab to hail.
  • It is cost efficient and can provide the best value for your budget. Clearvision Advertisement makes sure that every penny you spent for taxi ads is worth it.
  • Competition is less fierce. There is only a finite number of taxis operating in the city and once you have ads in most of them; your competition is left with only the remaining taxis to place their ads on.
  • Ads are seen longer especially if you have a long contract with the taxi ad agency. Every time the taxi goes around the city, customers can see your ad.

The Cons

  • More costly than online advertising and lesser contract flexibility since a minimum contract period is required

Online advertising has its advantages and we do not discourage the use of such medium. There is a lot to be gained from it. However, traditional advertising methods still prove to be useful despite the largely technology-driven generation. In fact, the best marketing campaigns are where online and traditional advertising are combined to create one powerful message to the target market. Traditional advertising just have to be more creative than before to cope up with the complexities of these new generation. Taxi advertising is one such means where the traditional method is infused with a bit more creativity. Done right, it can be counted upon to produce great results.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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