Talking to A Loved One About Their Drug Use

If you have a loved one that is addicted to drugs, you know the ups and downs that you have to face with them. It is important to talk to your loved one about their addiction, but you must do so in a delicate matter. Since you never know how a drug addict will react to you confronting them about their addiction, it helps to get some facts to help you talk to them. Addiction is a medically proven disease and it can be a life-threatening condition if you don’t sit down and talk to your loved one about getting some help. Here are some things that can help you talk to your loved one, and hopefully help them change their life for the better.

Starting the Conversation
Before you talk to a loved one, write down a few past experiences where your loved one’s drug abuse impacted your life. Perhaps there was an argument where they became violent? Have they hurt another person as a direct result of their drug abuse? It helps to have some examples of their behavior to help you talk to them so they can see how their addiction is hurting the people they love. Never talk to your loved one when they are high or drunk; you need to find a time when you feel they are clean and sober. Ask your loved one questions about the drug. Why do they take it? What do they feel the drug helps them with? Do they want to stop taking the drug? Do they have fears of rehab and controlling their addiction after they become clean? There is no clear pattern on how to properly talk to your loved one about their addiction. The best thing you can do is to remain calm, as your loved one may become upset and angry about the conversation. Give them a chance to talk about their addiction so you can offer suggestions on what you can do to help them.

Getting Help
If you have tried over and over to talk to your loved one, but they won’t listen, get some help. Local rehab centers and counseling services can provide you with a therapist and other individuals that have gone through rehab and have been able to control their addiction. Sometimes it helps people to hear the information from a neutral party other than the people they love. As you are being a good friend to your loved one, you need to be empathetic to their situation. They need to know that you want to help them, and you will support them through the changes they’ll need to make in their life. Offer different solutions they can consider when hoping to kick their addiction. Talk to them about inpatient programs, detox, and counseling services. Before you sit down and have a conversation with them, research a few rehab centers. This is a great way to show your loved one how these centers can help them, and what they can expect. In addition, doing this will address the concern of whether a mental disorder is present as well as a substance abuse disorder.

Going Through Recovery
Some drug addicts fear the people they love will abandon them. Trying to control an addiction is not an easy process. You need to be supportive of your loved one. Attend meetings at the rehab center with them. Your loved one will spend a great deal of time with counselors and others. It is important that you show your support, and remove things from the home that could cause them to relapse. Remember to take care of yourself as well since this process can be physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting.

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