5 Awesome Skate Apps For Your Smartphone

In the midst of winter, we head to the slopes to carve up that beautiful white stuff, but when summer rolls around we store our snowboards in the garage and dust off our Z-Flex. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep track of awesome skate spots, get your fix with an addictive game, or fill up on knowledge, here are five great skateboarding apps for your smartphone.


skateboarderLooking for a bit of motivation on your skateboarding endeavours? Perhaps you’re tired and sore from a day of skating and need some entertaining? Or maybe your method of learning is by watching the best? The free Skatematic app allows you to watch the newest and most popular skate videos featuring some of the world’s most prolific boarders. With 10,000 videos from top skate companies, pro’s and contests, you’ll emerge at least three hours later with drive to step up your game.

Tony Hawk: Trick Tips

He’s the one skateboarder who’s infiltrated every sector of the entertainment industry, so it’s no surprise he would (successfully) take over the app market. Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk has packed a wealth of knowledge into this handy resource app which helps those who wish to tackle some of skate boarding’s coolest tricks. Browse through the videos detailing a step by step process of how to perform an Ollie, hard flip or backside 50-50 grind. Other features include news from the world of Tony Hawk, contests, and videos from ShredorDie.com.

Tony Hawks ProSkater 2

Re-live the days where you spent hours couped up on the lounge room floor playing Proskater 2 on Playstation or Nintendo 64. Yep, that’s right, Tony Hawk’s ProSkater 2 now has its own place on the iPhone App. This guilty pleasure app allows you to ride as Tony or twelve other pro skaters while taking you inside thirteen level heavy skating environments. The aim of the game is to master as many tricks as possible and earn virtual money that can be used to increase your ranking in the game.

BlackBook: Search and Destroy

For those who like to roam the streets in search of a new spot to stake, this app will be your new best friend. Blackbook is essentially your little black book of all the amazing skate locations you’ve discovered. With its inbuilt geo-location, you can pin the spots, give it a name and take photos. You’ll also be able to make a to-do list if you’re planning on a major skating trip and keep track of the best tricks to do at said spot.

Skate Trash

Looking for a way to pass the time on your lengthy train journey? This slightly (ok… Very) addicting game has a simple yet entertaining concept; make it to the end of the course while navigating over rails, stairs, bowls, bums and anything you could possibly think of. The artwork for the game has been designed by notorious skate artists Jimbo and Jim Phillips, so you know the graphics are of a high quality.

Got a skate boarding app you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below.

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