The Brilliant John Mayer

John Mayer spent two semesters at the Berklee Music College in Boston. In a bold move he relocated to Atlanta, leaving college behind, and earned quite the following of fans. When he released his first two albums they were awarded multi-platinum standing. He began his solo career soon after moving to Atlanta with his college friend, because of differences in opinions about the music they should play. His concerts have been said to be legendary, and John Mayer tickets are one of this top sellers of this decade.

John Mayer did not pick up a guitar until he was thirteen. He became obsessed with learning how to play after viewing a movie where the main character played a stunning guitar solo. He began lessons and wanted to do nothing but practice. This obsession worried his family, but after only two years of practicing, he started to play Blues music in local clubs. Mayer started writing his own music after spending a weekend in the hospital.

John Mayer focused mainly on acoustic rock at the beginning of his career, but has since added a Blues sound to his music. At the 2007 Grammy Awards Mayer won two separate Grammys: one for best album and one for best vocal performance. Mayer has sold ten million albums in the United States and more than twenty million copies across the globe. Before he hit it big in music, Mayer dabbled in graphic design, comedy, and television. He has also written articles for magazines. He now performs for charitable organizations and is active in several environmental groups. John Mayer was awarded a Grammy for Best Male Vocal Performance in 2003. Mayer is probably best known for his hit, “Your Body is a Wonderland”, but has had many chart-toppers throughout his career. Mayer was given the Hal David Starlight Award. Mayer performs concerts all over the country; fans come out in droves to fill the venues. When Mayer was awarded the Grammy in 2009 for best song of the year, he gave the upper half of his award to Alicia Keys because he believed her song was better. John Mayer is a humble and talented artist who has worked hard to make his way in the music industry.

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The Brilliant John Mayer 2
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