What Every Bachelor Should Have in His Place

When you are a bachelor, you have the opportunity to create a great home for yourself where you can feel comfortable and where you can entertain guests.  Since you have the freedom to decorate your home and choose what to put in it, you can make your home your castle and create a space where you really enjoy being.  This means surrounding yourself with the things that you love and that take your bachelor pad to the next level.

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To make sure your bachelor pad is complete, however, there are a few things that should find their way onto any shopping list when you are setting up house.

Things Every Bachelor Should Have in His Place

While every bachelor should tailor his living space to his own unique interests, some of the key things that pretty much every bachelor should find room for include:

  • Cigars and a place to store them. Gothamcigars.com provides a wide selection of top-quality cigars that you can enjoy with friends or on your own relaxing in the comfort of your home.
  • A stocked bar. You never know when you may want to share an impromptu drink with a guest or when friends will stop by looking for a party. You want to ensure that you are ready when someone comes calling at your bachelor pad and this means having a stocked bar with all of the major types of liquor including vodka, rum, scotch, gin and whiskey (among others).  You will always be prepared to mix a cocktail for visitors when you have planned ahead and stocked the liquor cabinet. You should also have a nice set of glasses (including shot glasses, if you’d like) so you can serve your guests their drinks in style.  Here’s more advice for your home bar.
  • A fridge full of beer.  Just like with a stocked bar, you never know when friends will stop by. Offering visitors a beer is just a matter of basic politeness, but if you want to go a little father in the hospitality department, you can find out what your close friends like to try in terms of beer and be sure to have a little bit of their preferred brand on hand.
  • A comfortable chair. When you come home from work at the end of a hard day, you deserve to relax in comfort in your own home. Whether this means a big massaging recliner or a comfortable couch, you don’t have to choose looks over comfort and quality when you live alone in a bachelor pad.
  • A good television (or two).  Whether you are watching movies or sports on your own, or whether you invite friends over to share the experience with you, you’ll want to have a good TV that has a clear picture and that is conveniently located (ideally near to your comfortable chair).  Fortunately, it is not very expensive today to get large screen televisions in LCD or Platinum, although it was costly to have this type of television not all that long ago.
  • A pool table, a dart board or other gaming activities.  When you invite people over, you don’t want to get bored sitting in front of the television. When you have pool, darts or other games, you won’t ever have to worry about being bored because you’ll always have something to do.  You can work on perfecting your pool, darts and other games and be ready to show off your skills when you have guests over.
  • A tool kit (and some added tools as well).  Business Insider specifically recommends a keychain multi-tool in addition to your regular tool kit for your bachelor pad. Having basic tools on hand to tackle jobs like putting stuff together or hanging pictures is important to ensure that you don’t have to call in a professional for simple home maintenance tasks that you can o on your own.
  • A poker table (or at least some poker chips). Who doesn’t love a game of poker with the guys? Having poker chips is a prerequisite to playing, but having a table and nice setup for cards can make the game a lot more fun.

These are just a few of the many things that every bachelor should think about having in his own home.  You should also think about what you and your friends and guests enjoy doing the most when hanging out and plan your home accordingly so your house is a fun place for everyone to be.

Grant Raddison was a bachelor not too long ago. Now he’s married to his beautiful wife. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t occasionally long for the old days!

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