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3 Ways to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

It’s still winter in most of the country, but that doesn’t mean spring isn’t everywhere in the fashion world. Designers have introduced spring lines, and your favorite department stores and boutiques are clearing the boots and parkas to make room for teeny-tiny bikinis and sundresses.

It won’t be long before the weather starts to change, but even then it won’t become spring overnight. You’ll often find mornings and evenings cold and the days lovely, which means you have to find a way to transition your winter wardrobe into spring to keep yourself warm but fashionable. Tracking on trends can help, though there are some tips that work year after year. Here are a few.

Love to layer

In just a few short months (or weeks for some southerners) the weatherman will begin telling you that it’s going to be 35 when you wake up but 70 by lunch. That won’t make choosing an outfit simple.

When this happens, think about your winter jackets. A great pair of leggings or skinny jeans can be paired with a spring-like top and covered with layers. You can add a blazer, a jean jacket, a cardigan or even your winter coat to top it off and make it possible for you to stay warm in the morning but comfortable in the afternoon when temps begin to rise.

Scarves are always trendy

When it’s cool outside at some points of the day and warm others, scarves are your best friend. They’ll help keep you warm when you put on a simple v-neck, dress or lightweight sweater, but they won’t induce heatstroke when the temperature rises.

It also helps that this look is so chic it can go from winter to spring to summer to fall with a few simple switches. The most important is material and color. Don’t wear your heavy scarves during the spring; wear scarves made from lighter fabrics and colors to make the transition more stylish.

Go for a maxi

Maxi dresses are always fashionable in the spring, but how do you wear one when there’s still a hint of winter? Grab your winter scarves and your favorite cardigan or blazer and throw it on over your maxi for a look that’s chic and stylish.


Moving from winter to spring can be tricky when it comes to both fashion and comfort. While style usually is a question of individual taste, tips such as layering and scarves will work between seasons whether you prefer plaids, pastels or animal prints.

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