Who wants a toned body like Beyonce? 64% of us apparently…

Popular 2014 New Year resolutions revealed


January is a tough old month for most. Not only must we suffer spending most of our free time in the pitch black dark, the weathers miserable and the chances are you will have given up some or even all of your favourite vices.

Well, you’re not the only one, so cheer up and think about the new you that’s going to dazzle the world come Spring time…If you stick to your new year resolutions that is!

Work…should I stay or should I go?
A recent survey showed many people have health on their minds, but a few surprises did crop up as well. 64% of those questioned were quite specific in their fitness goals, saying their goal is to attain a ‘toned body like Beyonce’.

Career aspirations were of importance to 32%, who said they wanted to secure their dream job. On the other end of the scale, 36% answered their goal was to spend less time at work!

The usual suspects
It came as little surprise however that many of the goals were related to all the things many of us do far too much of during the hedonistic festive period. A whopping 91% of respondents vowed to exercise more; hence why gyms in January tend to be packed to the rafters.

89% said they wanted to eat better in 2014, and 87% were aiming to drink less alcohol. 11% wanted to stamp out the evil weed and stop smoking, which seems low, but then respondents were all e-cigarette users.

“New Year is traditionally the time when we take a long hard look at our bad habits from the past 12 months and vow to do things better” said James Dunworth Managing Director and Co-Founder of ecigarettedirect.co.uk and continued,

“While many of us decide to get more exercise and cut down on our bad habits, many others take positive steps to improve their lives by learning new skills or even changing their job or partner.

“There are many people who are planning to make such changes right now. It seems they are simply waiting to get Christmas out of the way before they turn their lives around.”

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