Virtual PBX Business Phone Services: Easy to Install and Simple to Use

Small business owners don’t always work in a dedicated office. Their work locations can be remote and may vary. Due to this, the right phone system for a small business is an important factor.

Even though your business is not as large as big corporations are, you can still use the same type of communication network as them. The best part is this is also cost effective. For anywhere from $20.00 to $50.00 per month you can utilize a virtual PBX network for your small business phone usage.

A Wi-Fi connection will allow you to conduct business anywhere. Your workspace becomes wherever an internet connection is available. You can easily run your business sitting in your office, or at your local coffee shop. Moreover, with the addition of a cellular phone, there are virtually no limits. All of your calls are received by your virtual PBX and can be sent to a cellular phone, tablets, or whatever remote device you choose. Calls made away from your office can still appear to originate from your main phone line at your home office on caller ID.

Cost Effective Small Business Phone System

Cost is a major concern of any business, especially small business. VoIP is a convenient and cost effective option for your small business communications. Using a Wi-Fi internet connection, the VoIP system can be set up in just a matter of minutes. No hardware purchases are required. All that is required of you is to have a computer of device that can accept an internet or Wi-Fi signal and download a simple software application.

Your VoIP service can give you popular calling features like

• Caller ID
• Call forwarding
• Three way calling and conference calling
• Number block
• Long distance and international calling
• Hold and mute functions

Virtual PBX is a great phone service option for small businesses to avoid the cost of having multiple lines and phone company hardware installed into their offices, or place of business. The service includes long distance and can even accommodate international calls.

Beneficial Solutions for Mobile Service Providers

Some small businesses do not have offices or storefronts. Perhaps your business requires you to travel to your client’s homes or to different work locations. Since you do not have a dedicated workspace, a VoIP network can be a solution for your small business phone needs.

One way you can implement this is to base the VoIP network in your home. Everything is controlled through your home computer and calls can be taken from a cellular phone. This way no matter where you are performing your services, clients can reach you. Moreover, you can add in additional lines for your personal calls if you desire. Though the network is based on your home computer, it functions wherever you go.

The other option is to base everything on a laptop or tablet computer. This way your network becomes completely mobile. The drawback to this may be if you are in an area with no internet service or a poor Wi-Fi signal.

VoIP enhances Your Business Image

Having never done business with you before, a client may judge their initial phone communication with you. Regardless of the size of your business, VoIP phone systems can make your small business look like a big company. Callers can be greeted by an automated attendant that gives them prompts to choose from just like any big company.

If during the practice of your business you can’t always take calls, then your VoIP digital voice message box becomes a valuable asset. Instead of having calls distracting you, they can all be forwarded to your voice message box and attended to later.

Virtual PBX Business Phone Services: Easy to Install and Simple to Use 2
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