640,000 tons is the weight of paper that is used each year within the United States alone to print receipts. In order to produce a single ton of paper, approximately 15 trees must be used. If you do the math that means that 9.6 million trees are destroyed each year just to make paper receipts, according to Software Advice. Using mobile POS software and technology in your business, however, will help you to reduce those figures one receipt at a time in several different ways.

Removing Paper from the Equation
Making the transition towards a mobile POS solution for your business will drastically minimize the amount of paper that is used to conduct transactions throughout the day in general, especially when it comes to receipts and order confirmations. In most traditional, brick-and-mortar stores and businesses, the average consumer can quickly become bombarded with a massive amount of paper all at once – sales flyers, business cards, coupons for future purchases, receipts, etc.

Using mobile POS software will change this because you will be relying on the power of the Internet to boost your efficiency and decrease your dependency on paper. Your customers can receive online confirmations of their orders sent to them directly via email. Not only will that save you money on paper using mobile POS solution, it will also provide them with an electronic reference that is much more difficult to lose than an ordinary paper offers as well as receipt.

Getting Rid of Gift Certificates
Beyond the basic receipt, gift certificates can also be eliminated simply by using mobile POS software, as well. Think about all of the times that you received a printed gift certificate either as a gift or when you were purchasing a gift to offer to someone else. Once all of the monetary value has been spent from those printed gift certificates, what usually happens to them? Since they are no longer usable, these paper certificates are quickly tossed in the trash without a second thought in most cases.

Using a mobile POS solution will allow you to eliminate the need for paper in this regard all together. More and more companies are offering digital gift cards that can simply be emailed to the recipient. The recipient can then redeem their gift by simply showing the gift certificate code or barcode to an employee from the corresponding store. In addition to these digital gift certificates, you can also save a substantial amount of money by simply offering reloadable gift cards to your customers instead of printed paper alternatives.

No Longer a Need for Credit Card Receipts
Another type of receipt that can be eliminated through using green technology, such as mobile POS devices and software, is the credit card receipt. Think, for a moment, about how much paper is being used just to process a single credit card transaction. In addition to the actual order receipt, there are usually two separate credit card receipts that are printed – one for the merchant and the other for the customer. Using a mobile POS solution, therefore, can save you from printing an average of three receipts for each credit card customer. As an efficient alternative, you can simply invest in electronic signature capture pads that allow the customer to still leave their signature to authorize the transaction, and these devices are programmed to email confirmation receipts to the customer instead of actually printing them, according to Chron.com.

Look at the Big Picture
When you print receipts for your customers throughout the day, you more than likely have gotten so comfortable with this standard routine that you do not even pay attention to the amount of paper that you are burning through along the way. Find a way to use mobile POS solutions within your business to increase your efficiency, impress your customers, and save the lives of a lot of trees each year.

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