Tips for Buyers Looking for a New York City Apartment

Whether you’re buying a townhouse, a co-op, or an apartment in New York City, it’s imperative to consider the central issues of house hunting in the city. It’s not quite like house hunting in other areas of the country, where you can find houses on lots situated far from the neighbors.

In the city, rather than looking for a home with a large yard, you’re more likely looking for a building with a doorman. Now that the hunt for a new townhome or apartment in the city is on, here are three things you’ll probably want to consider.

1. Location

No matter which New York City neighborhood you choose, you have to consider the proximity to all the things you regard as important to you. If you have children, you want a neighborhood with good schools located close to home.

Whether or not you have kids, you likely have a career and an office. This means you’ll want to choose a neighborhood near your office or close to the subway so you can get yourself to and from work in a timely fashion. You’ll also want a neighborhood with all the amenities that work for you and your family.

2. Type of building

Perhaps you don’t believe the type of building in which you purchase matters, but it does. If you’re purchasing an apartment on the fifth or sixth floor or higher, you’ll want a building with an elevator. No one wants to carry groceries, furniture, and kids up that many flights.

You may also prefer a building with a doorman. Many New York City apartment buildings feature doormen, who provide an added layer of security for you and your family.

3. Space and your budget

The closer you live to the heart of Manhattan, the less space you can expect to get on your budget. This means that if you have a family and want some room, you’ll have to increase your budget or opt for a neighborhood that’s a little farther away.

Space is a commodity in the city; what’s considered small in other parts of the country may qualify as quite large for a city apartment.

Get the right Realtor

Now that you know what you want, what’s most important to you, and where you want to look, you’ll need to find the ideal real estate agent. The right one knows all there is to know about the city, from Park Avenue to the Bronx and West Harlem.

He or she can help you find what you’re looking for in your price range, with the amenities you desire.

Once you know what you’re not going to find and which criteria you have to substitute when hunting for a house in the city, as opposed to the suburbs, you’ll have much better luck.

Tips for Buyers Looking for a New York City Apartment 2
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