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President Obama asks America to learn computer science

President Barack Obama is kicking off the Hour of Code campaign for Computer Science Education Week 2013 by asking every American to give it a shot and learn about computer science.

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I support this campaign 100% – there are a number of online resources, classes and tutorials for those looking to learn how to code. If you have any links that would be of particular interest please do share them in the comments below.


Learning programming isn’t always about creating a finished product, whether you’re building software, apps, or websites. Understanding how programming works teaches computational thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills, which can be applied in any field.

It’s not difficult to teach yourself programming with all the free resources available online today, but getting started is impossible if you don’t know which programming language you should learn. And the choice isn’t easy: thousands of computer programming languages exist, and dozens more are being created every year. Even if you narrow down your choices to only the most popular ones, there are still a lot to choose from.

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