Commercial Landscaping: How It Can Help Your Business Grow

When it comes to gaining your customers’ trust, the image your business presents is important. While the company’s reputation can help people to trust your products, customers also look at things like the store location to determine how trustworthy your business is. If your business is located in a shady part of town, or the property looks run-down, it is hard to convince new customers to give your business a try.


One of the most important things to your business is to have a professional appeal. The Small Business Administration recommends taking your time to find the ideal business location. While parking is one thing to always look for, the reputation of the neighborhood is another very important thing to keep in mind. Always look for an area that is easy for customers to easily find and access when they need to. You want a neighborhood that is clean and trustworthy. The building itself needs to look professional and well-kept. One other thing you have to focus on is the way the landscaping looks. Just like the building, people will look at the grooming of the grass and flowers. People want to be able to trust the companies, and they want to see that the company is professional. A well-kept lot and quality landscaping will go a long way in convincing customers of your professionalism.

Landscaping for Customers

The best thing to do is to hire a professional landscaper. They can help you choose the right plants and create a landscaping plan that helps to boost the curb appeal of your business. You want to include certain elements like a lush, green lawn, well-kept trees, and colorful flowers. You do not want to make the gardens of your business look too cluttered. Simplicity is best as it gives a clean image and is easy to match with the business style.

The Right Appeal

A business without landscaping actually looks harsh. It doesn’t appear welcoming at all, and it can often turn customers away. If you do have landscaping and you fail to care for it, this can be just as bad. You might even have a few customers comment on how ugly the grass looks because it is dead. Customers will judge a business based on the way they keep up the parking lot and the landscaping. Put yourself in their position next time you go to another business and determine if you catch yourself judging the way a business looks on the outside.

Attracting Customers

As mentioned previous, simplicity is the best option. You do not want to add tall trees and clutter around the front door. A landscaper will be able to help you find trees that give a business a clean, professional image. The same rule applies to bushes and other plants that you select. While roses are beautiful, they do attract bees. Bees are always something to worry about, especially if you have a customer that is stung by one.

Creating a Plan

When you sit down with a landscaper, discuss your ideas. Since landscapers are used to helping businesses create unique and impressive outdoor designs, they will be able to help you create an outline that looks ideal for your business. Discuss watering costs as you will likely need to install an irrigation system to keep your landscaping looking green and fresh. It is also important to discuss maintenance. Professional landscapers can come to your business weekly to maintain your gardens and lawns, preventing overgrowth and weeds.

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