Most Popular Upcoming Healthcare Jobs in 2014

As the United States population ages, jobs in the field of health care will continue to rise. There are a number of niche positions in the field of health that analysts project will rise dramatically over the course of the next decade. For example, the demand for physician’s assistants are estimated to increase by 30% over the next two to three years. The demand for home health care aids is also projected to increase almost 70% by the year 2020. Opportunities for personal trainers, a health-related position in the fitness industry, has also seen exponential growth over the last decade and is projected to continue growing rapidly over the next several years.

Physician Assistants

The increased demand on the health care system in the United States has steadily increased over the last few decades. This demand will continue to increase as a large number of the population ages and reaches retirement. With the advancement in age comes the need for more medical attention and care. Many doctors, particularly family doctors, are stretched to their capacity with the patients they are currently seeing. Physician assistants are able to help take care of many of the basic medical needs of patients who come to see their family doctor.

Medical issues such as upper respiratory infections, sprained ankles, the flu, and stomach distress can all be adequately addressed by a physician’s assistant. More complex medical issues may be fielded to a patient’s primary care doctor after the physician’s assistant completes an initial evaluation. The position of physician’s assistant is both challenging and rewarding. The position generally pays in the low 90s, according to a number of websites that track salaries in the U.S. Most Popular Upcoming Healthcare Jobs in 2014 1

Home Health Care Aids

Home health care aids take care of patients either in home or institutional settings, such as a nursing home or rehabilitation facility. Home health care aids are in very high demand. Because a home health care aid is not trained as comprehensively as a nurse, the position is much lower paid. The average salary in the United States for a home health care aid is $22,000. However, after a fairly brief training period an individual who in interested in pursuing a career in the medical field will be qualified to be part of a medical team that is taking care of patients.

Home health care aids fill in the gap where family or government programs fall short of a patient’s personal or medical needs. On a personal level, home health care aids may be asked to do a patient’s grocery shopping, laundry or clean the house. All of these tasks are very difficult for an individual who is sick or disabled to do. On a medical level, a home health care aid will often be asked to help keep track of a patient’s medication, daily activities and eating habits. A home health care aid will usually be supervised by a fully licensed nurse, who may visit the patient on a weekly basis to evaluate his or her current health needs. 

Personal Trainers

Although personal trainers are not technically in the medical health care field, they certainly play an important role in the fitness-related health care industry. Personal trainers are also in high demand as more and more people search for ways to improve their preventative health care regime. The full time salary for personal trainers is in the low to mid 20s. Many community colleges offer brief and affordable personal trainer certification programs, which prepare an individual for a rewarding career in the field of preventative health and fitness.

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