5 Essential Devices for the Ultimate Man Cave

A man cave isn’t just a modern-day indulgence for privileged guys; it’s an essential stress reliever. A 2010 study from the University of Southern California found the cortisol levels of coupled up men in their 30s and 40s dropped significantly when they had more solo leisure time at home. Equip your man cave with these five essential devices and ease the tensions of your working week.

An Electronic Dartboard

5 Essential Devices for the Ultimate Man Cave 1

An electronic dartboard puts a high-tech spin on your favorite bar game. Throw the soft-tip darts at the plastic or nylon board to have your score automatically registered. A bullseye is that much more satisfying when it’s accompanied with flashy LED displays and congratulatory sound effects. The heckling features built in to some models are a little less fun, but they’re great for a laugh amongst family and friends.

Electronic dartboards generally calculate the running tallies of up to eight players, which should put an end to scoring squabbles. This feature also makes an electronic dartboard a great option for beginners.

Most electronic boards come programmed with a variety of games including Quick Cricket, Round the Clock, and Bermuda Triangle.


Traditional high-definition TV sets are old news. If you want the clearest, crispest video images, you’ll need to invest in a 4K TV. These high-tech sets have four times as many pixels as comparably sized HDTVs. The action blockbusters Spider-Man, Evil Dead, and Godzilla are just some of the film and TV titles currently available in 4K format. ESPN also records much of its main footage in 4K Ultra HD. The high-quality vision will let you know when the referees get those controversial sporting decisions right or wrong.

With more leading electronics brands entering the 4K market, it’s becoming easier to find these high-quality  televisions on sale.

A Next-Generation Gaming Console

5 Essential Devices for the Ultimate Man Cave 2

For modern gaming, a next-gen console means one of two things: a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One. Both sold a million units on their launches, but which one is right for you?

The PlayStation3 was a massive flop, causing Sony to lose more than $3.5 billion in the two years after its release. But it’s fighting back with the PS4. Mirror claims its DualShock 4 controller is the best Sony has ever made, and the eight-core Jaguar x86-64 processor is gutsy enough to handle graphic-rich exclusive games like Resogun and Killzone Shadow Fall.

While the PS4 puts the emphasis on gaming, the Xbox One aims gamers a more comprehensive entertainment unit. It offers significantly less gaming power, but you can plug the system into your cable box and use voice commands to control your TV. It also lets you watch TV while you’re playing a game, so you can really make the most of your man cave time.

Still can’t decide? Why not get both?

A Kegerator

One thing every man needs in his cave is an ice-cold beer. You could invest in a typical bar fridge, but a kegerator is a cooler option. This high-tech answer to a typical keg will keep your beer at the perfect temperature and dispense it easily. It’ll also keep your beer fresh for at least a month, but if you keep it pressurized and cooled your brew could keep for as long as four months —   if you don’t drink it first.

Commercial kegerators are available in a range of shapes and sizes, so they’re ideal for anyone from casual drinkers to serious beer lovers. If you’ve got a spare fridge, you could even make your own. Conversion kits make this a pretty simple and cost-effective process.

A High-Tech Chair

No ordinary chair can contribute to the ultimate man cave. Instead, rest your mind and body in a high-tech recliner. Easy Link Furniture’s iSeat recliner features an iPhone dock, snack bar, and speakers. Its plush leather cushions make it very comfortable to boot.

Berkline’s Concert series recliners are perfect for serious audiophiles, since they come with built-in stereo speakers, subwoofers, and small audio jacks. The built-in motors also sync with your music’s bass to deliver the ultimate man massage.

With these five essential devices, your man cave will be a cut above the rest.

5 Essential Devices for the Ultimate Man Cave 4
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