Getting Your Idea Off the Ground

If you have an idea for a new business, it will take planning, hard work, and dedication to get your idea up and running. There is much that needs to be done when launching a startup, which can make it challenging to know where to begin. Whether it is your first startup, or one of many, following the tips below will help you to get your idea off the ground, and ensure that your business is set for success.

Create A Plan
Creating a business plan is essential for identifying your vision, values, and goals. Your plan will be presented to business partners and investors, and it serves as your source of motivation. While the plan you present to your investors may be a bit different than the plan you execute yourself, the two should reflect the same common goals. Present a focused plan that will appeal to whom you speak with. For example, your investors will be more interested in financials and general strategies and tactics than on the details of each tactic.

Consult With A Professional
Consulting with a professional could include anyone from a mentor, an industry expert, a business coach, or business consultant. Getting multiple opinions can help you identify flaws in your plan as well as valuable areas of growth and opportunity. The individuals you choose to consult with can be long-term partners or short-term advisors to help you get up and running.

Build Your Team
Now that your plan of action is a bit more refined, you can begin building your team. As a startup, your initial team members will play a vital role in the success of your organization. This means you need to identify team members who understand your vision and goals, and are equally passionate about them. This will require you to find team members who not only have a useful skill set, but those who have an interest in helping you build your business. They also must be looking to make a long-term commitment, and not just be looking for a new job.

Pitch Your Plan
Now that you have a basic foundation, it is time to pitch your plan to investors, venture capitalists, or angle investors. To find the appropriate places to pitch your business concept, you need to think big. Also consider crowdfunding investment structures that allow you to retain ownership of your company by securing funds from investors and consumers who believe in your vision.

Execute Your Plan
Once you have the capital you need to begin, it is time to execute your plan. It is important to remember that even well crafted, detailed, and measurable plans are nothing but words on a sheet of paper—unless you successfully turn those words into action.

You will probably encounter bumps along the road, and it is how you prepare and respond to these challenges that can make or break your business. When an unexpected concern arises, your ability to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and keep moving forward will be vital to your success.


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Getting Your Idea Off the Ground 2
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