The playground is supposed to be a place for fun, for enjoyment and not thinking about the consequences and problems with what you're doing. Most things you do on a playground are all in good fun, but there are some things to watch. The first is the obvious, accidents that might be caused by falling, random objects and tipping on equipment. The other one is a little harder to notice and possibly a lot more dangerous, the germs caused by dirt and grime. Here are some of the worst places.


This is probably the place that stands out among the playground because its the only place where you might get illnesses and problems that aren't directly caused by the other children on the playground. You see, while kids do play and leave the germs they bring into the playground in there, they also sit open all night in sand. Sand that can easily hide animal fur or poo. Children love to pick things up, play with them, throw them at one another, now imagine they are doing it with animal poo. This could be a real problem.

Water Fountains

The water fountain is pretty horrible, kids don't know not to put their mouths on the taps of the fountains and that means everyone's germ filled mouths are right up against cold metal and water. The water they don't drink carries and contains more germs than almost anything else. Since the drain of a water fountain rarely if ever gets cleaned mould begins growing in that area, and eventually a huge clump of mould and bacteria forms. Which your child comes within fifty centimetres of every time they drink.

Monkeys Bars

This is a section of the playground where the entire point is to put your nervous, sweaty, germ and grime covered hands all over the bars. These bars not only end up with your child’s hands all over them they also sit mere centimetres away from the childs face. As your child climbs across they pick up bacteria which they will have on their hands when they snack. AMC Australia recommends wiping down the bars before your child uses them. It may seem dorky and get the kid teased, but they won't get sick.

Climbing Trees

This is a little less bad than the sand box, but there are a few little issues that come with extended contact with kids and nature. There's always one or two trees in a playground for kids to climb if they want and not only will your child’s hands be in the same place as the other kids, they're also being covered in dirt, bark, and whatever animals have touched the tree.

Kids should be able to have fun without worrying, so wipe off the equipment, and keep some antibacterial spray around to spray the children's hands with before they eat. Then make sure to bathe them right after they get home. Simple as that.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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