The Most Popular Radio Stations in the Greater Seattle Area

There are 43 AM and 45 FM radio stations within a listening range of Seattle, Washington. These stations, like any of those you find in a major metropolitan area, feature a variety of formats, including news/talk, rock, progressive, jazz, country, hip-hop, Christian, alternative, and more.

The most popular FM and AM radio stations in Seattle, as determined by the Seattle Times, include the following: KIRO Radio 97.3 FM; 99.9 FM KISW; KRWM FM Warm 106.9; KOMO Newsradio AM 1000; KIRO 710 Sports Seattle; and, Sports Radio KJR – 950 AM. Here is some information as to what makes these six stations so popular among Seattleites.

KIRO Radio 97.3 FM (News) 

KIRO Radio 97.3 is an FM station that provides listeners with a news and talk show format. The station began life as KTNT FM, owned by the neighboring Tacoma News Tribune newspaper. After a few changes in format, the station switched to a complete news format in 2008, along with its sister station KIRO 710 AM (which also ranks as one of the most popular AM stations in Seattle).

The popularity of KIRO FM can be attributed to its broadcast of Seattle Seahawk NFL games during the season, with ‘Hawks wide receiver Steve Raible (“the Voice of the Seahawks”) and quarterback Warren Moon broadcasting in the booth. The station is an affiliate site of the CBS Radio Network.

99.9 FM KISW (Rock) 

Known throughout Seattle as “The Rock of Seattle,” KISW FM is a popular Seattle music station. The station has been a pillar of the Seattle broadcast airwaves since 1950 when it was founded. KISW’s popularity led to its 2007 nomination as one of the top stations in the country by Active Rock magazine.

KRWM FM Warm 106.9 (Adult Contemporary)

Listeners, especially in the Puget Sound area of Seattle, enjoy the adult contemporary sounds of KRWM FM Warm 106.9. The station, which has been on the air for nearly 50 years, has been everything from a country station to a Top 40 outlet to a new age and smooth jazz station before making the switch to its current format nearly 20 years ago.

KOMO Newsradio AM 1000 (News) 

KOMO AM 1000 is a popular newsradio broadcast station in Seattle on the AM dial. Operating under the slogan “What happens next, happens here,” the station is one of the preeminent AM newsradio stations in Seattle. Founded in 1926, it is one of Seattle’s oldest radio stations.

KIRO 710 Sports Seattle (ESPN Sports) 

KIRO 710 Sports Seattle is the sister station of KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, and features a sports news and talk radio format. KIRO 710 Sports is an affiliate of the ESPN Radio Network. The station simulcasts Seattle Seahawks games during the NFL season with sister 97.3 FM, as well as Seattle Mariners MLB games. Mariners games that conflict with Seahawks games are given preferential broadcast under the station’s contractual obligations.

Sports Radio KJR – 950 AM (Sports) 

Sports Radio KLR 950 AM is a sports talk station that has been broadcasting to Seattle since 1922, making it the oldest operating station in Seattle. The station is owned by Clear Channel Communications and serves as the flagship station for University of Washington Husky men’s football and basketball broadcasts. KJR is an affiliate of the Fox Sports Radio network.


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The Most Popular Radio Stations in the Greater Seattle Area 3
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The Most Popular Radio Stations in the Greater Seattle Area 5

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