Say Goodbye to Mobile Phone Contracts

If you’re currently fed up with the service provider for your mobile phone – you may be interested in the newest type of plan that is being offered by companies all around the UK. SIM Only deals are becoming more and more popular as customers are beginning to realize the benefits, not just with pricing but with freedom.

What Exactly is “SIM Only”?

Essentially, these plans don’t provide you with a phone, but they do provide you with a working SIM card. If you weren’t already aware, the SIM card is basically what allows the phone to make calls and interact with your service provider. By only proving the SIM card, service providers are able to offer much lower monthly rates – and even bypass contracts

Why is “SIM Only” Cheaper than Regular Contracts?

There are no tricks or gimmicks involved, and when you understand why they’re able to offer a month to month plan you won’t be worried. The main reason service providers charge as much as they do, and require the length of contracts that they do, is because most of the time you’re using a phone that is worth a lot of money.

For instance, the new iPhone 5s will cost at least £549.00 for a brand new 16GB Model. In most cases, your mobile phone provider will simply give you the phone for free, as long as you agree to a 24 month contract with an inflated rate. It’s not that mobile phone companies are being cheap or greedy, they’re just trying to make back the money they lost by giving you a phone.

Now, if a service provider no longer needs to worry about making back the money from the phone they gave you, they’re free to charge less per month and allow customers to come and go as they please. Therefore SIM Only plans are perfect for anyone who is already content with their current phone, or anyone who would rather just purchase a phone from a third party vendor.

How Much Can I Really Save with SIM Only?

So maybe you haven’t entirely bought into the SIM Only deal agenda – because really how much cheaper can it be compared to your current plan? The answer may surprise you! The majority of pay monthly SIM card tariffs are almost 50% cheaper than contract plans with a similar supply of minutes and data.

Of course this all depends on a number of different factors, including who your current provider is and which provider you’re looking at for a SIM Only deal. For the most part, each service provider has similar prices across the board – but some offer more minutes than others, and some may offer more data.

Another option you’ll commonly see when browsing SIM only deals is choosing either month to month or a 12 month contract. I realize this article is directed towards getting rid of mobile phone contracts all together, but the 12 month contract offered with SIM Only plans is worth taking a look at. In almost all cases, the difference is simply £2.00 less per month, regardless of what the plan entails.

Actual Examples of Currently Offered Plans

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits of a SIM Only plan, how much you can save, and why you should make the switch if you’re satisfied with your phone. However, you still need to know exactly what the cost is going to be, so let’s take a look at some of the plans offered by UK mobile phone providers such as T-Mobile and Vodafone.

So let’s start with T-Mobile, a worldwide mobile service provider that operates in numerous different countries. You can actually get a phone plan for just £8 per month, a rate previously unheard of up until SIM only plans started being offered. This plan offers 250 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB of data, and requires a 12-month contract. However, you can get the exact same plan with no contract, for £10 per month.

Of course that may not be enough usage for everyone, so how about a plan with 1000 minutes, unlimited texting, and 3 GB of data – which is more than enough for the average mobile phone user. You can get a plan with these specifications for just £16/month with a 12-month contract, and £18/month with no contract.

There are plenty of other options to choose from, and you can find even more alternatives by checking out other providers. For instance, Vodafone offers 300 minutes, 500 texts, and 250MB for £9/£11 per month. Or you can grab the unlimited package with 2GB of data for £26/£28 per month.

Essentially what you need to know about SIM Only plans is that there is literally a plan for just about anybody, the key is making sure that you don’t need a new phone any time soon.

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