As social media becomes ubiquitous in our society, colleges are using those channels to connect with their students. Using social media with a business mindset has proven to be an excellent way for colleges to engage students on a level they relate to. Colleges are using it for everything from drumming up excitement for a charity drive to making the admission process less painful through the creation of a mobile app.

Take note: social interactive platforms are the new norm when it comes to online visibility for your brand.

Princeton Encourages Blogging

The Princeton website encourages alumni members to post to a weekly blog. This blog connects students to Princeton alumni and fosters a healthy sense of community. It also educates students on a variety of viewpoints about different topics.

The University of Wisconsin Raises Funds

The University of Wisconsin asked social media users to connect with the school via the Bucky Challenge. The University pledged to donate money to its scholarship fund for each new Facebook and Twitter follower. This tactic gained the University some much-needed exposure and plumped up its scholarship campaign.

Johns Hopkins Has a Splendid Reputation

When CNN covered colleges and social media, it highlighted how social media can play a significant role in whether a student decides to attend a specific school. Johns Hopkins, one student noted, had a phenomenal presence on Facebook, and this tilted her in favor of attending their university. Positive social media that is driven by students is powerful.

Penn Foster Creates a Comprehensive Social Media Campaign

While many colleges focus on a single aspect of social media, Penn Foster has instead created a comprehensive list of social media accounts in as a means to engage their existing and prospective students through social media. Penn Foster maintains a litany of social media accounts, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, along with social media interaction through PennFoster.edu, its main site. All of this together has lead Penn Foster to create a healthy and unique relationship with its student body.

University of Kentucky Makes Viewers See Blue

The See Blue website was launched by the University of Kentucky to improve its relationship with prospective students. This was a comprehensive marketing campaign that included the use of social media and user-generated content as a way for the school to show the world what the university had to offer. This campaign worked due to the comprehensive and professional campaign that was launched.

University of Georgia: There’s an App For That

The University of Georgia created a unique (for higher education, anyway) avenue to connect to prospective students: an app. As reported in Time, the University of Georgia was able to connect to students in an unprecedented way through their mobile admissions app, which was downloaded more than 700,000 times. A university app is an excellent way to engage a new generation of students without sacrificing any professionalism or control.

Jay Himmelman works for a burgeoning social media startup, and he hopes to learn as much as he can by researching and writing about social media and tech trends.

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