The Basics of How to Join the Mobile Web

It’s a fact that the mobile web is gaining speed for Internet users. As the influx of new devices with which to access the Internet increases, so do the ways that users are utilizing them. The important thing to remember here, though, is that looking at a website on a desktop computer is a lot different than looking at the same site on a mobile device. The key terms here are “desktop” and “mobile.” The “desktop web” represents the traditional Internet – visiting a website on a laptop or desktop computer, having a full screen in front of you as well as a mouse or touchpad. The “mobile web,” on the other hand, is what the Internet looks like when you’re accessing a website with a different type of device than a traditional computer, such as a smartphone or tablet. The user interface changes dramatically depending on what type of device someone is using, and ultimately impacts how visitors to your website view your business.

The bottom line is that trends and statistics show that mobile web usage is increasing. Smartphones, for example, now account for 20 percent of global Internet usage, according to The key here is that when someone visits your website, there’s a decent chance they’re going to be looking at it from a mobile device. Therefore, depending on the purpose and goal of your Internet presence, you have to make it user friendly. Just like you originally designed your website with all the essential elements in mind – ease of use, fast transitions between pages, ability to track analytics – is exactly how you want to approach your mobile web presence. This is especially important if you specialize in eCommerce, since visitors to your website are there for an express purpose. You need to have a site that’s readily accessible and allows them to shop easily.

Ten years ago, you hired a website designer. You may have even had a webmaster that was contracted out to handle the Internet side of your business’s affairs; maybe you still do. It’s the same with the mobile web, and you don’t have to be a technology whiz to keep up with the times. There are lots of website makers online that you can play with to see what your website will look like on a mobile device. The best thing here is to take the content already on your desktop website and simply integrate it into a mobile website. The essence of a mobile website isn’t creating a completely new site from scratch. The idea is to simply take the content you already have and reconfigure it for someone accessing it with a mobile device, so that it appears on their device smoothly and they can navigate through your site. The best way to really get a sense of it yourself is to go to a website that doesn’t have a mobile version and try to navigate it with your own smartphone. It gives you an idea of how frustrating it can be if a business doesn’t have a mobile version of their website specifically customized to be viewed through non-desktop devices.

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