Most Popular Sports for Teens and Young Adults in Australia

Even though far more Australians play sports for health and fitness than strictly for fun, the country as a whole truly loves their sports. But which sports are the most popular among Australian teens and young adults? Based on surveys in Australia from Valued Opinions™, here are three of the most popular sports among Australian teens and young adults between the ages of 15 and 24:

Basketball is a truly universal sport, but it has rapidly gained popularity in the last two decades. That is no different in Australia than anywhere else. Unlike other parts of the world, however, basketball is far more popular with Australian women than men. According to surveys from Valued Opinions, basketball is the most popular sport for Australian women ages 15-24, 21% of this age group selected basketball and 11% for men of the same age bracket. Combining genders, however, the surveys suggest that basketball is the most popular sport for Australian teens and young adults.

Basketball’s popularity in Australia continues to grow as the sport does. Australia has a very successful professional basketball league—the National Basketball League [1]—and has had great international success. Australian Andrew Bogut is a star in the most successful basketball league in the world (the National Basketball Association) and the Australian women’s national basketball team is one of the greatest teams in the world. This is very influential to teens and young adults in Australia.
Swimming is not far behind basketball in terms of popularity among Australian teens and young adults.  Like basketball, though, it is more popular with young women in Australia than with young men. 16% of women aged 15 – 24 and 11% for men of the same age.  According to Valued Opinions, it trails only basketball for popularity among young women in Australia, whereas it is the third most popular sport among young men.

Australia’s location certainly encourages young adults and teenagers to become avid swimmers, and the country has developed quite a successful history with the sport. Australia is a perennial powerhouse in international swimming competitions, and has put out myriad recent Olympic winners [2]. Since professional swimmers usually fall into the 15-24 age bracket, they have a strong influence on teens and young adults taking up the sport.

According to Valued Opinions, soccer is the third most popular sport among Australians between the ages of 15 and 24, 7% of 15-24 women and 13% of males of the same age. It is more popular among young men (second most popular behind rugby) than young women (fourth most popular). Soccer is the most universal team game in the world, so there’s no surprise that it’s popular among young men and women in Australia, who are no doubt influenced by the worldly ties of this exciting game.

On the whole, young Australians have a very diverse love of sports. When asked to choose their favorite sport between basketball, swimming, soccer, rugby, cricket, and volleyball, young men and women in Australia chose “other” indicating that there is a wide array of sporting interest.

Children of those ages just love to be outside, getting physical exercise and competing. Teenagers and young adults in Australia also enjoy the camaraderie of sports, as both genders said they prefer team sports to individual ones, per Valued Opinions.

One thing is sure: young Australians love their sports!


“This article has been written by a third party. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Research Now or its Valued Opinions™ panel. The statistics referred to in this article were collected from pre-screener questions directed to members of Research Now’s Valued Opinions panel during July 2013. The information is presented without warranty, express or implied.”


1 National Basketball League,

2 Australian Olympic Team,

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