Greening Your Vehicle One Advancement At A Time

Concerned about the environment, oil consumption and saving money? You’re one of the nearly 20 percent of Americans who’ve considered or “seriously considered” purchasing a dream green vehicle, according to the 2010 Autobytel survey and the subsequent IBM survey.

You’re also the target market for all the product advancements hitting the market. Instead of splurging on a new ride, you can start greening your vehicle from the ground up — starting with your tires.

Performance Tires

Quality tires and proper maintenance will not only increase the longevity of your vehicle, but also improve your fuel efficiency (saving you money and time). The Nitto tire, in particular, focuses on safety and performance, designed specifically for car aficionados. These tires don’t get as hot, which signals higher quality. You’ll get better traction and won’t need to buy new tires as frequently. Not only will you save money, you’ll lessen your environmental impact with fewer contributions to the landfill.

Alternative Fuel Sources

Convert your vehicle to be compatible with an alternative fuel source, such as biodiesel made from ethanol and vegetable oil. You’re reducing your dependency on gasoline or diesel fuel, which are non-renewable resources. You’ll also save money while consuming less energy and lessening an emissions-contaminating footprint on the environment. It’s an advancement that’s become increasingly popular. It’s also becoming easier to convert, even for car novices — follow these easy instructions on the YouTube video Alternative Fuel for Cars : How to Convert a Vehicle to Electric.

Engine Performance

Increase the longevity and enhance the performance of your engine with advancements in your car’s air filtration system and synthetic oils. You’ll also improve overall fuel efficiency. Premium fuel filters allow your engine to “breathe,” which increases the airflow in your engine and simultaneously increases your speed capacity (horsepower and throttle response). By replacing and upgrading these car parts, you’re saving money, reducing the impact of your vehicle’s emissions on the environment and improving performance.

Buying Power

Consider the impact of your buying choices in the automobile industry. Review the manufacturing process of your automobile parts, materials that make up the parts, the disposal process, and what your overall environmental impact is based on those selections. Your thoughtful decisions — combined with all the other environmentally concerned buyers (yes, spread the word!) — helps push the automobile manufacturing industry to improve manufacturing practices, use more eco-friendly materials and further advance green technology for vehicles. Use your buying power to reward environmentally positive actions by auto manufacturers.

Maureen Daniels loves to share sustainability tips as well as newsy eco trends on her green blog.

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