Iconic Movie Monsters And How To Get The Look

We all know the iconic movie monsters – the ones that crop up time and time again from blockbusters to indie horror flicks. They also tend to find their ways into our dreams. Coincidence? I don’t think so. When planning a Halloween party, you want to look so convincingly terrifying that people will run away from you. Here are the most knee trembling iconic movie monsters and how to get the look.


Zombies have been all over our screens in recent years. Films like Dawn of the Dead and Zombie Land made us laugh, but also had us hiding our eyes as these foul creatures feasted on humans. Basically zombies are dead and rotting, somehow ‘infected’ beings. Once normal people, they have completely lost their humanity and have an insatiable appetite for any body parts they can get their hands on.

To have the appearance of a zombie you pretty much have to look incredibly gross. This is not a ‘sexy outfit’ in any way shape or form. You can wear normal clothes, but they need to be grubby, torn and worn down. The key to this look is being dead, so try blending white and grey face paint into your skin. For the most realistic zombie look get creative with fake blood. The more of your face is hanging off the better.

vampire fancy dress

Image by Sandra Falkevik


 If you didn’t know that vampires are hot right now I don’t know what planet you’ve been living on. I have one word for you – Twilight. This film has basically re-invented the vampire’s image. Whilst they are still terrifying, you might now want to meet them in a dark alley – because they are hot.

Whilst the full blown costume still has its place, the new vampire look is far more subtle. The most essential feature is deathly pale but beautifully even skin, which you can achieve by blending white face paint. You also need smoky black eye-liner, red contact lenses and of course fake fangs.

devil costume

Image by NightFall404

 The Devil

Whilst he may have had a ‘sexy’ make-over in recent years – think short red dresses and horns – the Devil is the definition of evil. He’s also a regular fixture in scary movies from being creepily disguised as an old lady in Devil to a dapper Al Pacino in The Advocate. Whilst appearing in many guises, the traits of evil, manipulation and ruthlessness remain consistent.

As discussed the devil ‘look’ doesn’t strictly conform to one type. However, there are a few costume essentials like horns and red contact lenses. A popular costume is the ‘dapper devil’, which involves combining the essentials with smart clothes and pointed facial hair. Alternatively, if you don’t want anyone having to guess what you are, go the whole hog with red face paint.

ghost fancy dress

Image by Willo Hausman


Gone are the days when dressing as a ghost meant simply putting a sheet over your head. In iconic films like The Others and The Sixth Sense, ghosts have been given a realistic make-up. They look and act similarly to when they were alive. They even display evidence of the injury that killed them.

To get the ghost look adhere to the rule set down in these films- realistic is creepy. Dress in an outfit that could have been worn in a past era. Use fake wounds and blood to hint at the cruel fate which led you to your end. White face paint is essential to create that deathly pale look.

witch fancy dress

Image by Sam Howzit

 The Wicked Witch

 The wicked witch has taken many guises from the slightly comical Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of OZ to the far more sinister incarnation in The Blair Witch Project. The all out witch look involves green skin, a fake hooked nose, warts and the all-important hat. Alternatively, go for the more subtle creepy old lady look with a white bedraggled wig, dirty skin and layers of tattered clothing.

These iconic movie monsters are guaranteed to give your friends a fright on Halloween. For a variety of costumes, head online to sites like Perfect Party UK.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image by Grmisiti

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