A Brief History of Honda

In its sixty-five years as a globally renowned automobile manufacturer, Honda has made a significant impact on the world. Below is a brief glimpse at the extensive history of this motor company:

Soichiros Honda’s interest in cars
Since childhood, Soichiro Honda had been a drifter and a dreamer with a major interest in the world of automobiles. At a young age, he moved from one mechanic job to another. By 1937, he had acquired some money and with the help of Kato Shichiro, he established Tokai Seiki, a company that produced piston rings. The business wasn’t a huge success initially, but they finally won a contract from Toyota to supply the car giant with piston rings.

Shortly thereafter, Honda’s company fell out of favor with Toyota, as the quality of their products did not meet Toyota’s specifications, and they ended up losing the contract. Soichiro was determined to earn back Toyota’s trust, and he visited different factories to be able to better understand the quality control process at Toyota. By 1941, his company was again supplying piston rings to Toyota.
Taking over a ruined factory and Honda’s incorporation
In 1946, Soichiro bought a factory that was, literally, in ruins. After a few unsuccessful startups, he decided to manufacture motorbikes. The bikes quickly became immensely popular and were an instant success. Next, Soichiro gave up on the turpentine that was used to power these bikes and started making his own engines. In 1947, he managed to produce the factory’s very first motorbike — the famous A-type one-half horsepower. It was at this point in time that Honda was incorporated, and over time, the company became renowned as an innovative designer and producer of motorbikes. In one notable early innovation, Honda built the D-Type motorbike, which had an elegant steel frame, in the year 1949.

The 1960’s and the first cars by Honda
By the 1960’s, Honda was able to introduce a number of racers as well as small cars to the world. However, Honda struggled on the global market until 1975 when it first introduced the Civic, which quickly became known as the most famous line of cars by Honda all over the world. Honda’s Civic gained immense popularity in the United States and offered features that were not widely available back then. Honda then introduced the larger Accord in the year 1976, which became the most famous car in the U.S.

Honda in the 1990’s
All through the 1990’s, Honda introduced a number of outstanding vehicles, all of which received acknowledgement and appreciation during their unveiling and life on the road. Some of the most famous cars that were introduced during this period included the Odyssey and the NSX.

Over time, the cars introduced by Honda gained immense popularity and their sales were larger than anyone could have imagined. Today, Honda remains an innovator, producing environmentally friendly and emission efficient cars. Honda will look to bolster its legacy in this department with the expected unveiling of a five-door hybrid car.


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A Brief History of Honda 2
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