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Those in committed relationships just don’t get it. They think it is so easy to find other singles, date and find someone to have a meaningful relationship with. The stumbling block in that line of thinking is the “find other singles” step. The most difficult part of meeting new people is knowing who is single and who is not. The My Single Wristband is the perfect solution to this frustrating problem.

Available in a rainbow of colors and a variety of sizes, there is a My Single Wristband for everyone. Each wristband comes emblazoned with a single word (destiny, fate or future,) and the MY logo, which stands for the creators’ last names of Mardahl and Young. It couldn’t get any easier; all one has to do is remember to slip on their monochromatic silicone wristband and they’ll instantly be easily identifiable as single and looking.My Single Wristbands are unobtrusive and attractive, looking like the awareness bracelets that so many are wearing today. The wearer is putting out the message that he is single and looking. Those who have seen the My Single Wristband will immediately know that the wearer is single. There’s no need to worry about others not knowing what the bracelet stand for; it provides the perfect opportunity to start up a conversation about what the bracelet is all about.The wristbands have been catching on and gaining popularity throughout the country, and more and more singles have been out and meeting people thanks to their wristbands. Wearing a My Single Wristband offers a level of confidence and calm self awareness never seen before. Now singles can walk into a crowded bar or attend a function for work and not have to be concerned about wondering who may or may not be single. The wristband is a simple, effective announcement to all in attendance that the wearer is looking to meet other singles and is open to being approached.

My Single Wristband wearers can help spread the word about these fabulous and useful accessories. It’s easy to purchase a wristband for any single friend, acquaintance or co-worker who loves to go out and meet new people, but isn’t exactly comfortable asking the dreaded “So, are you seeing anyone?” question. My Single Wristband is sure to quickly become the new talked about fashion trend among singles.

Many people have met, dated and started relationships with others who they may never have met had it not been for their My Single Wristband. Being confident and identifying oneself as being single opens up the possibilities to meet more people than without wearing the wristband. Who knows, we may just be seeing many wedding announcements thanking My Single Wristband for allowing them to met their future spouse.

It used to be that the only way to find out if someone was single was to ask them or their friends. Now those uncomfortable conversations are a thing of the past. The My Single Wristband easily and discreetly allows single people to announce their relationship status and let the room know that they are looking for love.

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