Tech Essentials for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse [Infographic]

Technology is our key to managing and overcoming any coming zombie apocalypse. Fortunately, we have some incredible tech tools at our disposal. Developed at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies, the iDawg restores network services for cell phones and emergency services when cut off. Networks are created as devices connect to one another, similar to ad-hoc networking. The iDawg connects using groundbreaking Edgeware technology, and it’s capable of securely capturing and sharing transmissions on various brands by repeating the signal. is another ally that can help us in case of a zombie apocalypse. Google Public Alerts optimizes search results to display the most relevant information during an emergency situation. Google Person Finder helps people reconnect with loved ones in the wake of disasters. Custom Google maps can be created in a crisis such as tactical maps of zombie infestation sites.

Those zombies stand no chance! To learn about other technologies that’ll help us survive a zombie apocalypse, check out the infographic below!

5 New Technologies to Manage a Zombie Apocalypse
Image compliments of Emergency Management Degrees


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