8 Technologies for Making Your Workplace a Safer Environment

Business owners and employees in management roles have the undeniable responsibility to offer a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. A safe workplace is beneficial to both the company and the employee, and provides a sense of stability that promotes productivity and positivity. An added bonus of preventing catastrophes in the work place for companies is to effectively avoid any legal liability. Here are eight technologies that can make your workplace a safer place to be.

Paging Systems

Paging systems are a good way to communicate any urgent information to the entire facility at once. Authorized users should be able to communicate with an entire office, or portion of an office in an effort to secure the safety of the people working there.

This will come in especially handy during an evacuation due to any weather-related disasters, bomb threats, fire, or other situation that could put the building and the people in it in grave danger.

Surveillance Cameras

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These things have been around for a couple of decades, and are widely used as a form of theft deterrent. Some people tense up at the idea of constantly being on camera at work, but surveillance cameras can greatly enhance employee safety. They serve as a deterrent to burglars, shoplifters, and other outside parties that could cause harm to your employees or other assets.

Closed-circuit surveillance cameras can also enhance workplace safety by making it easier to identify building maintenance issues that need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. And once those issues have been identified, you can hire professionals like the ones at www.tru-serve.com to handle all your building maintenance needs.


Biometric security features are becoming increasingly helpful as improvements in technology continue to develop beyond we would have ever thought possible. These systems are used to identify people, rather than keys or swipe cards, so they are radically more effective in preventing fraud. If a company uses biometrics, the likelihood of unauthorized individuals gaining access to the facility, files, or software systems will be greatly reduced.

These features specifically identify single parts of the body such as fingerprints, iris or retina scans, and facial recognition to grant access to buildings, files, or computer systems and processes.

Door Phones

Door phones, which are mounted outside a main entrance or back door, are ideal for welcoming customers and delivery personnel into the facility safely. This tried-and-true method for secure entry to private property has been around for decades, and continues to be a go-to option for basic security establishment.

Advances in door phones have started to include built-in cameras to identify the individual who is requesting entrance, and improved voice communication as well.

Automated Emergency Alert Systems

Many companies today are putting emergency alert systems in place to alert employees of any potential dangers. Through these systems, employers can send automated messages via text messages (SMS), emails, and phone calls to communicate facility closures due to severe weather or a security breach. This way, employees can avoid any dangerous situations before even arriving for the day.

Identification Badges

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It’s always a good idea to have a security system in place to secure the safety of the grounds and the people who work and patrons who visit there. One key component to many security system is personalized, company-issued proxy card identification badges. These badges are often encoded to record the activity of the employee as he arrives and leaves the property. This way the company can keep an inventory of who is present, and account for everyone in case something terrible happens.

Electronic Drive Logs

For companies who employ freight drivers, electronic drive logs come in handy for monitoring driver and engine safety. These programs usually require the driver to log into the program through a smartphone or tablet device. Their status, along with vehicle data, is relayed to interested parties through Bluetooth connection.

These electronic logs are a great resource for employers to make sure that drivers stay safe on long stretches of road, and are never really alone out there.

Ergonomic Office Equipment

This one’s a bit more subtle than the rest of the options listed here. Employers who provide ergonomic equipment to their employees secure the future health of their staff by preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and related conditions. It may  not seem all that technological in nature, but there is actually a great deal of innovation in these products. Between office chairs with ergonomic designs to computer software designed to ease eye strain, all of these products are designed to prevent employee discomfort and injury.

If every employer implements current technologies to make their workplaces, the company as a whole will surely benefit in many ways. Check out some of these options, and see for yourself.

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