What You May Not Have Known About Hawaii

As the only state in the union not in North America, Hawaii is a unique state. Made up of a group of still growing volcanic islands, Hawaii lies almost three thousand miles away from the coast of the United States.

Diverse Human Population
Hawaii’s population draws from a diverse group of immigrants and explorers. First discovered by migrant Polynesians, Hawaii’s population is ethnically diverse. Roughly one quarter of the population is white, and nearly 40% of the islands people have Asian heritage.

Winery in Hawaii
Hawaii is known for the amazing surf, lush beaches, and tropical orchards of pineapples. Many do not know that Hawaii also boasts the Maui Winery. Located on the island of Maui, the winery offers a unique experience for wine tasters, as the vineyard is located on the high-elevation slopes of a dormant volcano.
Precarious Habitat Balance
The fauna and flora of Hawaii cannot be found in any other state, and is balanced precariously because of its long isolation from all other forms of life. When new species are introduced or become extinct in this isolated habitat, nature’s balance often becomes upset.

In one example, the recent extinction of a species of hawk moth in Hawaii was thought to lead to the death of a very precious local plant, the Alula. The hawk moth was the plant’s only natural pollinator, and botanists were worried that the moth’s disappearance could have grave repercussions for the Alula. Fortunately, botanists discovered one remaining plant in an isolated area and have begun polinating the Alula plant to prevent its extinction.

Hawaii Was Not a State When Pearl Harbor Was Bombed
Hawaii became a state in 1959, after having been annexed by the United States in 1900. The territory was protected by the United States beginning in 1900, and is famously the home of Pearl Harbor, the base bombed by the Japanese military in 1941. Hawaii officially became a state just two years before the birth of President Barack Obama.

Two Strange Similarities Between Hawaii and Arizona
There are two interesting similarities exist between Hawaii and Arizona. First, neither state participates in daylight savings time. Second, both have extensive formations of high-energy red rock. The island of Kauai contains Waimea Canyon, which is a dry red rock canyon. Photos of Waimea Canyon depict an eerily similar pattern to the red rock formations in Sedona, Arizona.

Petroglyphs in Hawaii
When one thinks of archaeology and ancient writings from ancestral humans, one probably does not immediately conjure an image of Hawaii. The area does have petroglyphs, however, engravings along the Puu Loa Petroglyph Trail that are around 500 years old. Just for reference, history and archaeology studies reveal that petroglyphs and pictographs are different types of recording history. Petroglyphs are carvings in rock, while pictographs are paintings on rock.

Code of Conduct with a Lei
There are culturally acceptable and unacceptable ways to handle the famous Hawaiian Lei, a floral garland that serves as a traditional Hawaiian gift. Visitors should know that it is highly offensive to refuse a Lei, and that it is also considered rude to remove the gift while in the presence of the person who gave it.


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What You May Not Have Known About Hawaii 2
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