Open Air Ideas and Options for Businesses

A breath of fresh air for businesses, open-air zones are becoming more and more popular. Many businesses can benefit from having all or at least a portion of their customer-geared facility as open as possible. These businesses can, regardless of their location, have an open-air zone at least for a portion of the day or a portion of the year, if provisions are available that allow viable alternatives.

Amphitheaters, rodeo arenas and football stadiums have used open areas for seating for many years. Restaurants with sidewalk seating, made popular in Europe and adopted by the US, make available outdoor seating for guests. However, this usage can cause tremendous problems if inclement weather should occur suddenly. Many a concert, special event or high school graduation has been cancelled due to sudden or severe weather changes. The answers to these difficulties lie in more than just donning a poncho and hoping for the best.

Open-air businesses must plan ahead for many different scenarios and have a plan of action if any issues occur. They should always have a back-up plan to be put in place immediately if or when the weather threatens. Wet and soggy or wind-blown customers tend to be irritated which can result in decreased business. Business owners have the responsibility of keeping customers safe and comfortable.

Alternative Actions
It’s easy enough to move outside restaurant clientele back inside if weather conditions should change. It isn’t as easy to change the seating of those listening to a concert or watching a game. Those planning to construct concert and sports arenas should consider collapsible ceilings that fold on themselves. In a reasonably short period of time the ceiling can be mechanically repositioned and activities can continue.

Roof-over construction can allow for a permanent roof with electronically powered collapsible walls that can be quickly put back in place. An area with the roof in place can have vertically opening window-walls, similar to vertical jalousie windows that can be closed when necessary.

Half walls with pocket windows that, when dropped, are completely hidden can provide an open area without sacrificing security. Half walls with screens that remain when the windows are dropped, add a bug-proof safeguard. Even full walls that are constructed from tinted glass can give the appearance of being outside.

New Business Possibilities
Most individuals are familiar with open-air restaurants; out-door recreational facilities and tiki bars. In addition to these, other businesses or venues can benefit from an open-air atmosphere. Music vendors, for example, can open a wall and solicit new customers by broadcasting their music through loud speakers.

Open-air waiting areas such as bus terminals will be more comfortable and not as stuffy. Even churches can benefit from having pavilions that can be opened or closed depending on the weather. In fact, almost any business with merchandise that will not be harmed by the elements can provide open sales areas.

The designs and possibilities are limited only be the imagination and, of course, the weather. Natural, clean and healthy open-air facilities are good for customers and even better for businesses.


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