Famous Mansions with Amazing Windows

Beautiful glamorous mansions are the pinnacle of practical and impractical design, showcasing the best that architecture in the last few centuries has to offer. Every detail of the finest mansions is expertly planned and executed, from the foundation to the doorknobs. Beautifully designed windows offer more than a beautiful view for the residents; they can be the perfect finishing touch for an elegant custom crafted mansion. Many famous mansions are notable for their outstanding windows alone.

Frank Lloyd Wright – Iconic Design
Working primarily over 100 years ago around the turn of the century, famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed several high-end homes renowned for their multitude of unique and bold art glass windows, featuring Wright’s distinctive design elements. The George Millard House, built in Illinois in 1906, has been preserved to an award winning degree and features 68 original art glass windows in Wright’s famous geometrical leaded glass style. The mathematical aesthetic of the distinctive diamond pattern in these historic windows is a perfectly showcased example of Wright’s early style, and the George Millard House was one of the last pieces built before Wright made a break with his signature style of straight rigid lines, and began employing the more abstract style with intersecting circles and curves famously seen in the Coonley playhouse.

The Winchester House – Baffling Design
The Winchester House is a famous but mysterious Victorian mansion in San Jose that was owned by Sarah Winchester, the widow of the president of the company that manufactured the renowned Winchester rifle, ‘the gun that won the west’, until her death in 1922. Far from luxurious, the California mansion is famed for being absurdly constructed and paradoxically design, with staircases leading nowhere and doors that open into walls. The eccentric Sarah Winchester spent 38 years and over five million dollars expanding an eight room farmhouse into the sprawling mansion that now covers 161 acres. This bizarre mansion has 10,000 windows in it, the most expensive and beautiful being a $1500 Tiffany stained glass window in a rainbow of sun catching colors, installed in a tucked-away north wall where the sunlight would never hit it.

Casa Casuarina – Extravagant Design
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Gianni Versace’s former mansion in south Miami Beach is one of America’s most expensive homes, boasting extravagant construction in a riot of contrasting designs. Though the property has fallen into bankruptcy since Versace’s untimely murder in 1997, the mansion itself is still perfectly intact, with an unfettered taste in interior decoration that includes several specially commissioned stained glass windows spangling the three stories of this gloriously overdesigned mansion. Though the building has been auctioned off several times and served as several different luxury hotels and other establishments, the original owner’s iconic taste in decoration remains largely unchanged.

The Lyndhurst Mansion – Classic Design
Famous for its distinctive gothic styling that gives it a somber classic horror movie feel, the Lyndhurst mansion in New York is now a national historic landmark open to the public, and has in fact been filmed as a set in several spooky movies. Designed in 1838, this large gothic revival mansion features small and sharply arched windows, like something right out of a fairytale. The imposing stonework of this unique mansion rises out of a naturalistic park and conservatory, contributing even more to the fantasy castle look of this historic house.


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