Former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson decided post-game on the field last night was the appropriate time to “ask” Giant's CEO Larry Baer when he was going to get his 2012 World Series ring.  Apparently the exchange was less than cordial, and carried a bit of the fire one would expect from a Giants/Dodger game. This is rather out of character for the normally flippant Wilson who has played down any animosity between him and the team with the oft repeated line, “They didn't want me.”

Perhaps all the physical therapy of recovering from a second Tommy John surgery has damaged Wilson's memory.  So let me try to set the record strait. Wilson faced 9 batters in 2 innings for the SF Giants in 2012, for which he was paid $8.6 million. That is $1.43 million per out, or $955,000 per batter, a third of whom reached base! After pitching only two innings he went on the disabled list for the remainder of the Giants 2012 World Series winning season. In 2013 Wilson will at most pitch 15 innings for the Dodgers after making a return from his injury on August 18th, 2013.  The only thing the Giants “didn't want,” was to extend Wilson's $8 million dollar contract for another year of rehabilitation.  Wilson was tendered an offer from the Giants in the spring and I am willing to bet it was for as much if not more than the $1 million he settled on with the Dodgers.  Which by the way, if he pitches in every remaining game, will work out to $66,666 per inning.

So to scream at the opposing team's CEO, on the field, after a game, over a World Series ring some would argue Wilson didn't even earn was just bush league, especially when the Giants invited Wilson to take part in the early season ring ceremony at AT&T Park, 8 months before he choose to join the Dodgers.  Get a grip Wilson.  Thanks for showing your true colors, we wouldn't want anyone to think you were anything more than just another prima donna professional athlete who is out of touch with reality.  Lou Seal deserves that ring more than you. I hope when baseball has no more use for you that ring is a reminder of what an ass you were.  I hope you went back to the hotel, turned on ESPN, and saw what class really looks like. Thank you, Mariano Rivera for paving the way for d-bags like Brian Wilson.

[Photo: Sports Grid]

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